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  1. Did you get the 1120? I have it. I presently run a 7.2.4 setup. RF 82's, RC 62 4 RS 42II's 4 CDT 5800II's 2 Paradigm Monitor 12 subs. I will soon go with 3 RF 7 III's for LCR and I wonder how that will all pair with the 1120.
  2. I also have the 1120. My set up is: LCR 2x RF-82 & RC-62 Surrounds 4x RS-42II Atmos 4x CDT5800II Subs 2x Paradigm Monitor 12 The 1120 handles everything very well - movies, games, music (streamed). I am soon going to 3x RF-7III's for LCR. I am tempted to go with a separate amp for the LCR but initially I will use the 1120 for all. For music I don't use the "all channels" option but rather I usually use the Anthem Music setting that uses the additional speakers for room fill without taking away from 2ch imaging. Sitting in the sweet spot I don't really notice the other speakers but if I walk 12 feet back to the bar area the back surrounds fill and match nicely to the fronts. In "all channel" mode it is just too much from all the other speakers. You can create a separate speaker profile for music listening and tweak the surround speaker levels to match your taste.
  3. Anyone anyone??? I haven't painted mine yet but I also wonder if anyone removed the scrim. Mine are mounted in-ceiling that is painted matte black so I'd probably improve the appearance. As for sound performance I have my front sound stage behind an AT screen so the speaker grills are off. Would removing the scrim be similar? Too bad no other replies to your thread. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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