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  1. Atmos for non Atmos content

    Ah, upmix, i have also heard that called "post processing"
  2. Atmos for non Atmos content

    I am considering adding ceiling speakers to a premier 5.1 system. Given the limited amount of atmos content and considering I watch mostly netflix and Dish based content. How do the Atmos systems perform with 5.1 audio? Is there any value here?
  3. Is this a mis-match

    @RoboKlipschI got this config from my sales person at the store but my research is pointing me to your points. Thank you for your help
  4. Is this a mis-match

    Thanks everyone
  5. Is this a mis-match

    Hmmm, That doesnt sound good, but your saying its better to live with that issue because the upside of the RC-64 is worth it
  6. Is this a mis-match

    Thanks, Agreed on the RC=64 since I mostly use it for tv and less for music so that why I was focussing on the center. What is the real impact of mismatched tweeters?
  7. I was at Star power in Dallas yesterday and they had the center on a really nice wood shelf that wasnt an eye sore
  8. Is this a mis-match

    @Youthman also what are your thoughts on the G+16 for surround? My wife likes that they dont stick out from the wall very far.
  9. Is this a mis-match

    @Youthman Thanks for the great advice. I love the RC-64C but the RF-7ii is just too big and outside my budget. What do you recommend, Do i have to drop the center to the 440C?
  10. Is this a mis-match

    Also, How big of a Sub do I need. Concerned a R112sw is not big enough??
  11. Is this a mis-match

    Thinking of using a pair of Klipsch low profile G+16 for surround with RC-64iii center, pair of RP-280 floor standing L/R and a R112 SW.The room is big 25 x 30 with 12 foot ceilings. Will the G16 have enough power or not? Attached picture of the room