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  1. Listened extensively to both, in the same room, on the same day.   To my ears, the Cornwall III’s sounded better.  Better resolution, greater dynamics,  greater bass extension,  and the added bonus of higher efficiency.  I also felt the Cornwall’s look better -  specifically, the way the grills are recessed rather than stick out -  but that is also quite subjective.


    The Cornwall’s are also significantly more expensive so keep that in mind. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with either.


     The forte iiis Are great speakers. If you are space constrained or budget constrained, they are probably the better choice.

  2. The review was largely positive which certainly jibes w/ my own impressions of the Heresy III's.  ..Still there's much about the review that annoys.   It seems strange that one reviewer (Guttenberg) would tell another about to review a pair of speakers " (exclaiming) ..Those aren't audiophile speakers.  Those are party speakers!"  For one, what the hell does that that mean and why would "party" and "audiophile" being mutually exclusive?  I'm an audiophile (of sorts) and I like music at parties, so...???    And two, how about one reviewer caring enough about his craft and enough about the reader to NOT taint a fellow reviewer with expectation bias by making such a strong and prejudicing statement?  


    Wouldn't it be nice if reviewers were forced to share their initial judgements of speakers before knowing what they look like, their size, who makes them, what kind of drivers they employ or what has been said of them by other reviewers??   Perhaps hear them from behind a visually opaque but sonically transparent screen before being allowed to take them home for an extended listen?  Do you think this would affect what we read?  I sure believe so..  ...Hey, an audiophile can dream, can't he??  :)



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  3.  I very much doubt that different amps or additional break-in time is going to change a speaker from hate it to love it. And Swapping out drivers on brand new speakers strikes me as a bad idea.


    Seems to me you keep buying speakers that you don’t like. Perhaps you need to spend a little more time listening to the speakers before buying them.  

  4. I have Cornwall III's which are just a bit more efficient.  Still, I have the benefit of a wattage meter on my integrated (McIntosh MA6600).  I have yet to get the volume cranked to where the peaks are even 20 watts.  ..Cruising along at 5 watts is freakin' LOUD!!!  My hunch is your ears will start to clip before your speakers do. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, mustang_flht said:

    Hello ! after almost two years of happiness, some news from my Cornwall III. I really liked Amy's project :  https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/150513-custom-plaques-for-heritage-speakers/


    But as I am far from the US I have made here in France, by a craftsman my plates of Heritage. I think Klipsch will not mind if I did not go through them for manufacturing because it was complicated because of the distance and because Amy does not work at home anymore, so I did not have the new one contact.


    Then, for the position on the cabinet, I hesitated a long time and then I chose this place discreet because invisible, when the fabric cover is in place and high enough so that one can read the text without lying down On the ground.

    Do you like that?











    Love it!  Nice to see there are American products that are so well liked by our friends in France.  Enjoy them in good health!  

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  6. On 4/25/2018 at 11:14 PM, Gs1058 said:



    Anyone think I am making a mistake? 


     A mistake? Heck no, you'll be happy w/ any of those mentioned.  ..It's just that by going w/ a Mac Integrated (like the MA5300, not the tube one above as it does not have home theater pass through) you can use just the Mac when you're listening to 2-channel audio.  ..By getting the amp only, you'll have to use your AVR.


    As for wattage, I'd be very surprised if you ever get near 20-30 watts, let alone 100.  ..And I love cranking my music and movies.  ..Your speakers are incredibly efficient.  Maybe a dealer would allow you to bring a demo unit home to try in your system?

  7. 8 hours ago, Gs1058 said:


    No doubt I am a novice, but that's why I've come here. 


    If autoformers are are found on the more expensive amps, would that not make them more desirable?

    I get some people like chocolate ice cream others vanilla, but are there scenarios, where cost is not a factor, that someone chooses direct coopled? 


    Do people with higher end amps seek out a direct coupled amp for thier systems to have on hand?



    I have excellent hearing, and a keen sense of musical nuance that has been honed by a lifetime obsession w/ music.  ..Still, I can not hear one iota of difference b/w my Mac MA6600 and my NAD 375Bee. ..One has autoformers, the other doesn't.   ..I'm all for buying Mac gear, but I don't believe that it sounds any better (or worse) than any other modern day gear.  In fact, I don't think their tube gear sounds audibly different either!  ..Once THD and S/N ratios approach a certain threshold, our ability to discern differences disappears.  I was at a Audio dealer some time ago and even the salesperson confided that he could not reliably distinguish Mac S/S gear from their tube gear, which is engineered to low distortion and linear.


    So I wouldn't get hung up on autoformers, etc..  just go and listen, and bring a healthy amount of skepticism.  

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  8. 32 minutes ago, Gs1058 said:


    Thanks for taking the time to reply and sharing your advise. Gives me something new to consider. 


    Im concerned that the 100w will be insufficient to power my speakers in stereo or for my home theater. Bridging to 300w does seem practical either considering the speakers I'm using.(rp280f)


    Curious us if others think 100w would be enough for long term left and right channel purposes. 


    Also, are the amps in the mc152 & ma5300 identical? I'm not sure I would want to compromise quality. 


    I see that your speakers are a bit less efficient than mine so perhaps they will need a bit more power.  Still, I can't image you'll ever need all of the 100 watts.   ..But, as you said, let's see what others say.  As for the amp section of the 5300 being identical to the mc152, I couldn't really say.   

  9. As you see in my signature I use a McIntosh MA6600 w/ Klipsch Cornwalls.  


    From a "needs" point of view, ANY mac piece is overkill when paired w/ high-sensitivity speakers.  ..My 200 w/ch. MA6600 rarely crests 4-5 watt peaks on my 102db efficient Cornwall III's and the music is loud enough to cause hearing damage.   So you definitely don't need it.  As for the wine-taster audiophiles who ascribe all sorts of sonic attributes to various brands, you'll have to wait for them to chime in.   IMHO, all  modern gear playing w/ in design limits sound pretty much the same.  


    All that said, there are still other good reasons to buy a Mac piece.  The stuff is beautifully built, will last years, is hand-made (for the most part) in a small upstate NY town, and their preamps and integrated amps almost always have tone, balance, and mode (mono/stereo) controls - something which I personally deem essential.  When I bought my Mac I had far less efficient speakers, if I were to buy today I'd probably get the MA-5300 b/c 100 w/ch is still WAYYYYY more than you'd ever need and it's a good bit less expensive.  I also like that it has a home-theater pass-through, something my MA-6600 doesn't have.  


    I personally would not chose the MC152 b/c it does not have a Mode selector (mono/stereo) nor does it have home-theater pass-through which is really important if you want your 2-ch setup to share the front speakers of your home-theater.


    Edit: Oops, sorry, I thought you were considering the MA252, which is an integrated.




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  10. 8 hours ago, NOSValves said:

    Stop messing around and get something that will really sound good! 




    Wow, that is beautiful!  ..That said, I'm not in favor of turning the clock back entirely.  While I do love that pre-amps and integrateds of yesteryear featured many adjustments to make listening to music more enjoyable, they also tended to have lots of hiss, hum, and scratchy controls.   ..That part, I could do without.  Wouldn't it be nice if a company would make gear that looks as nice as the above, but has modern day refinement??  Mac gear comes close, but still not quite as attractive. 

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  11. 13 hours ago, RadBlue said:

    Your payment has been processed. Please allow 72 hours for processing before contacting the vendor. Please contact vendor to ensure product is ready for pick-up when you arrive. Unless otherwise directed in the above description please present this certificate along with identification to claim your Item/Items. Thank you for using www.thriftythursdays.ca "


    ...3 days, ther killing me here....



    Sorry, but I would regard the "allow 72 hours for precessing before contacting the vendor" to be more of a suggestion than a rule.  ..And I would ignore the suggestion.  If it were me, after giving them over $5K, I'd reach out to them the very next day to make sure all seems kosher.  ..Just my $.02

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  12. 1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:

    Definitely considering a C22 Reissue....


    A HUGE hats off to McIntosh for still offering it.  


    ..Some of their older pre-amps had an amp section that could deliver 20 watts or so to "monitor" speakers.  ..This one doesn't, which is a shame b/c 20 watts to my cornwalls is about 3x the wattage I'd ever need :)


    While I love my MA6600 for it's functionality and build quality, it's nowhere near a beautiful looking as a c22.  ..To me, present day Mac gear is kinda joyless looking.  ..but still far better than the myriad single or double knob pre-amps and integrated amps from nearly every other mfg. today.  

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    1 hour ago, MoJo63 said:

    But you no longer need a receiver, CD, player, turntable all the music is stream-able.  And these speakers hook right to the TV so when I listen to music on Amazon Prime or Pandora it runs right to the speaker.  A lot less cable mess. I just can't figure what the big diff between the R26PF and R28 PF is.


    Ok, so I now understand you're not interested in a turntable or cd player, which i can totally understand.   But you will still have speakers that are tethered to something.  The master speaker will be tethered to a wall outlet via a power cord, then it will have a 2nd cord that extends to the other speaker.  So both speaker have wires, which is where you are now.  In fact, one will have two, and the cable joining them is of a set length. 


    How about this?  Check out this link.  https://www.crutchfield.com/shopsearch/wireless_amplifier.html?&pg=1 Consider buying one of these wireless/ streaming amplifiers (one is a Klipsch product!) which will allow you to buy any klipsch speaker you want.  A couple of them are so small they could even be hid behind the speaker so you wouldn't even need something to set it on.  Here's the advantages over a powered speaker:

    • You can use with any speaker you want
    • You can use any speaker cable you want (cheap wire is just fine - don't believe the nonesense about exotic speaker cable)
    • You're not having to send in a whole speaker if you ever need servicing.  Most people have had amps that needed servicing at some point, imagine the hassle of having to box up a whole floor standing speaker.  Plus, I don't believe Klipsch actually builds the plate-amps used in their powered speakers, who knows if they will be able to service it 4 or 5 years down the road.
    • Some of these amps probably support a greater number of streaming conventions than the Klipsch models you're considering.


    Again, I'm sure these models you're considering sound great, but I have a hard time understanding the advantages of building an amp built into a speaker.


    The fact that no one has weighed in with a first-account opinion of either speaker perhaps tells you that very few people see the utility of a powered floor-stander.

  14. On 4/12/2018 at 11:29 AM, MoJo63 said:

    I got tired of the wired mess sold the SAE equipment donated my JBL speakers system to a church.  And have transitioned into the 2000s.  


    I guess I don't quite understand how going with powered floor-standers reduces your "wired mess"?  ..Now, instead of one simple speaker cable running to each speaker, you now will have a thick proprietary cable that runs from one to the other.  So no net gain there - you'll still have a cable at each.  Plus, whereas a regular speaker cable can be 20-25 feet and therefore long enough to tuck under a carpet, this joiner cable probably won't be.  Then there's the other wires from your sources (eg., cd player, turntable, streaming device, etc..).   ..Now, instead of all of your source wires running discretely to your Amp which in most cases is on the same shelf, they will now have to stretch from whatever they are sitting on to connect to the master speaker.  ..And those wires won't be long enough to run along the ground, they'll probably be visible from your seating position. ..They plug into the speaker about 1/2 the way up.  And do you have a power outlet right next to the master speaker? If not, you'll now have an extension cord running to the master speaker.  


    I have no data to back this up but I bet this category of loudspeaker (powered floor-stander) has not been selling very well.


    This isn't to suggest they don't sound great - I'm sure they do - I'm just not sure how they make for tidier installation?

  15. I think they made the right choice.   A powered speaker this large presents a real servicing headache.  ..It's one thing to send a 40lb Active stand monitor in for servicing but quite another to send something this large back if the amplifier needs servicing.  ..Yes, you could remove the amp section and send it separately but then the technician can't investigate the speaker itself as a contributing factor.


    Personally, I don't see how active speakers are any more convenient.  ..Instead of speaker wires,  you now have both a signal AND a power cord running to each speaker.   And what if you don't have an outlet proximal to the speaker?  You'll end up with even more cabling gathering round the base of each speaker and possibly more limited placement unless you don't mind running extension cords to your speakers (or paying to have new outlets installed).   Plus, with both speakers plugging into outlets (and probably using grounded three-prong plugs) you'll have more opportunity for buzz and hum from ground loops.


    I say it was the right decision.

  16. I agree thebes....  I enjoy the tactile experience plus I love being able to make small adjustments to the music.  Claims that such controls/knobs unavoidably degrade the signal through some black-magic process are nonsense IMHO.  Take one look at a mixing board and you'll see that well engineered controls will not necessarily alter the signal when left at "0".  Of course, some equipment manufacturers participate in this myth b/c minimalist gear (think integrated amp w/ just source selector and volume knob) is easier and cheaper to design and manufacture.   I didn't really get into hifi until the late 80's, which was after this minimalist nonsense took hold.  ..I'll bet hifi was more fun in the days before.  More choices, more knobs, more knobby choices :)


    As an owner of one of their Integrateds,  I love that McIntosh still includes tone and stereo mode controls on virtually EVERY one of their integrateds and Pre-amps.  But I strongly dislike that all of their beautiful knobs and rocker switches have been replaced by one or two multi-function push-and-scroll knobs.  Ugh.  I find these to be nowhere near as satisfying to use.   See the C22 below - have you ever seen a piece of hifi gear more beautiful than this...?  Now look at the C47 - kinda boring by comparison.   And these multi-function knobs are nowhere near as snug or snappy feeling to use; in fact, every one I've tried felt kinda wobbly.


    Here's what I'm referring too (and yes, I know the pic of the c22 is of their recent re-issue)



    Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 6.28.34 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 6.38.17 AM.png


    33 minutes ago, MerkinMuffley said:

    How good is our short term and working memory? See here: 



    The entire premise of AB/X is based on a working memory that can differentiate between two massive data sets. Impossible.


    So explain how we can reliably (ie., to  satistically significant degree) distinguish b/w speakers using AB/X testing?  ..And I don't see where in the website you reference this is specifically addressed.

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