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  1. Hello I have an RT-10D that keeps blowing a resistor. I have attached an image below of the entire board and then an image of the problem section. The first blown resistor closest to the capacitor is 825 Ohms the second one is 12.5 kOhms. The transistor at the top of the blown resistors is a 2N5551. The base emitter is shorted. Also 2 of the caps are gone. I have replaced the 2 resistors, the 2N5551 transistor and all the caps. When I power it on the 820 Ohm resistor starts smoking again. So something is causing a high current to go through this. Not sure where to look next since I cannot find a schematic anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Pete
  2. @heino69 I think its a 100K current inrush limiting thermistor. Look for NTC 100K glass Thermistor. I'm not 100% sure but I think it may be that.
  3. Hello I am not sure this is a diode. I think it is some type of thermal switch. It says TH3 underneath and the symbol on the PCB does not look like a diode symbol. Mine reads infinity in each direction. I have the same board If you could help me out since you have the PCB out. There are 2 regulators on the board LM317 and LM337 I have a couple of blown resistors near there and I cannot find a schematic. Can you take a pic of your resisters or measure them and let me know what they are?. Or send me a picture. Thanks I have posted the entire board and another pic with the area with my blown resistors.
  4. Hello My RT-10d powers up but n sound. There is power going to display and I can make adjustments but no sound. I opened it up and found burned components but I can't identify them since no schematic. The first image shows the whole board the second shows the burned components. 1 is a resistor the other appears to be a diode maybe? I cannot tell. Any help would be appreciated. If you know what these components are or where could get a schematic that would be great. It would be good if I could get the schematic because there is also a TH3 which I believe is a thermal fuse that is out also. But I'm not sure what the replacement value should be. Thanks Pete
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