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  1. thought i would update a bit. I ended up redoing xovers with crites rebuild kit on the heresy. Totally restored my Marantz 1090, during this process I came across a dh110 preamp. Whis is a hafler design, pairing this with my dynaco st70 tube amp, also a haffler design. Well these pair very well together, and makes the heresy come alive, I also use klipsch 10 sub, but very subtle, depending on the source and music being played. I am very happy with the heresy...But have a line on a set of khorns hmmm. Thanks for all advice from you fellas...Ended up with a dual 1209 as well, great little table....Pete
  2. Just rebuilt xover in Heresy1 with crites, big differance for the good, anyway has anyone put insulation in the cabs, if so what was the results, mine dont have any...thanks peeps
  3. Got them from a friend, we deal with each other all the time, hard to get quality items here, and most people wont ship....looking for a dual 1219 turntable, found2... one fella wont ship, and the other changed his mind after making the deal
  4. well the forte deal fell through, but with a little more searching I found a pair of Heresy1 for 300.00 Canadian, had to refinish cabs, someone coated them with a thick coat of polly of some sort, but 5 hrs later they look great. As for sound, with tubes they are fantastic, then added a sub to system and wow, really put the towers to shame. Thanks to all replys, im now a hertage fan for life.....Now I wonder if the mate would like khorns lol
  5. im using a dynaco st70 tuber with heresy11, the sound is very nice, using Marantz ss 1090 as preamp. I have 0 complaints with this set up from jazz to classic rock....all good
  6. Thanks for reply guys. Yes pretty grim in my area. Yes I have considered building a pair with full range, I have a pair of diy full range, with cheap radio shack drivers, believe it or not they sound ok but just ok lol. I think I have a lead on a pair of forte11 with crites upgrades, along with couple other components, wich are dynaco pas3 tube pre, witch I could use, and a Yamaha c800, asking price is 1400.00 Canadian. Ill send an offer shortly. I do like the r28f towers, will delegate these for home theatre if all works out
  7. im in north bay Ontario, as for buget you asking me or wife lol, all depends on the speaker. I did listn to a pair of heresey, actually auditioned them on another st70 tube amp that I had sold the guy selling those speakers.Found them little weak in the bottom end.The 28 sounds good but feel something missing in mid.Ill keep looking in classifies around here, but people really want too much for used around here...Peter
  8. Im using a dynaco st70, with Marantz 1090 as pre, powering a pair of r28f, 28x 22 room. These speakers sound good, but seem to be lacking in the mid section. What other Klipsh would be good to use with my set up. Would like to stay with newer speakers, heritage speakers are hard to find in my area, and new prices are out of my reach right now. Any recommendations would be appreciated. These r28f are my first klipsh speakers. Thanks
  9. I now have over 200 hrs on mine. I had them paired with a 35 watt per channel tube amplifier, and they really sound nice. Midrange now is very nice.They actually sound very good with tubes. Now I'm back to my ss set up, working on the tube amp, and mids are a little better with more hrs on them. I would not have paid full pop for these 28s for my everyday Marantz gear, but i got mine at no cost.All i can say is try different room placement, the 28s are ok in my home theatre set up, but for dedicated 2 channel set up, I'm not happy at all with these. But like i said very nice with tubes
  10. great reply, speaker they replaced was energy cf 50 connousure that was a great speaker. As for speaker placement, I have tried all positions with treatment, rear and side walls are treated with diy panels.I am using 10 inch klipsch sub with the speakers as well.The brightness I can control with tone controls on preamp, when I try control for mid bass its either muddy or just not there, bass is smooth but just not as precise as I'm used to. Don't get me wrong they are a fine speaker. As for power I'm running 2 maeantz monoblocks, at 125 watts each, so I don't think I'm getting unwanted distortion, not hammering these speaks. Room is 26x22.Guesss I'm just used to the laid back sound of the a25, Ill keep playing them, maybe ill get used to them.Or they will be used as fronts for ht, they actually sound nice with my onkyo receiver for movies and streaming, but with turntable and nad cd and vintage audio it just seems something missing, ill figure it out!!
  11. not anyone with the same modle
  12. connected directly to each monoblock with 12 g wire and banana plugs.Ive checked and rechecked everything and cant get them to sound good. They have about 110 hrs on them, thinking they needed a good break in to open up.I got these as a replacement for another pair of speakers that popped a tweet, different brand made by klipsch, they gave me these instead of repairing others. I'm stumped on how a 40 yr old speaker can sound sooo much better than these new ones.Are these not very good for a 2 channel set up and just for home theater?
  13. Help...wondering why my ne r28f towers sound bad with vintage Marantz audio.I have a very nice vintage 2 channel system and for the life of me I cannot get these speakers to sound good, they sound empty in the bass and no mid and very bright top. I have 40 yr old dynaco a25 and they sound much better, that's with everything in system being the same. any help would be appreciated
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