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  1. Dial m for murder 3d, fantastic! They did a truly fantastic job remastering this.
  2. Well thank you very much, I would honestly be lost if it were not for kind people like yourself. I hope to pay it forward as well once I get a better grasp on things. So I have decided to go with the 160ms...I know finally right? Lol. I know that you have touched on this already but would you recommend buying 6 rp160ms and sell the sixth one by itself or purchase a rp center channel? I am looking for clear crisp dialog and sound to move seamlessly across the screen. About the same cost price wise too. Thanks again, Shane
  3. Wow! Thank you again so much. I think I agree with you about the big towers now and will most likely rule them out. Let me digest all of this some more and see what price I can get from who you mentioned. I will keep you all informed. Thanks again!!
  4. Thank you both so much for your input, it honestly helps me more than you know. I apologize it took me a day to get back to you, I have been a little busy but had a chance to stop at best buy and the only klipsch dealer within probably 60-100 miles. The dealer only had the rf7ii and those are out of my price range. No rbs or rps at all. Then I went to best buy and listened to the 28f and wasn't very impressed. I didn't turn it up very loud though, maybe half way I just didn't want to be "that guy" lol. I taled to the guy at best buy briefly but he didn' seem like he knew what he was talking about. I mentioned getting 5 rbs and he looked at me like I had 3 eyes. He said that he has never heard of that before and proceeded to tell me that they make different speakers because they have different functions. I already knew coming into this that 5 of the same speaker is ideal if they can be placed correctly. So no real luck getting to hear any of them in person so I am going to have to go in blind. Again I appreciate the advice from both of you and have taken all of it into consideration. As I don't plan on listening at ear bleeding levels I think I will stick with the bigger speakers and down the road upgrade the receiver eventually. The 6300h is what I would be leaning towards. I think it would be easier to buy one receiver than it is to buy five or six different speakers down the road lol and cheaper. The few I guess you call them external amps? Seem very expensive. I would think put that money into a more powerful receiver? I'm probably wrong on that but just a thought. Ok...so after your recommendations I think I will eventually get 5 of the rb81ii. I am going to try and wait until I can get 5 of them for 200ish a piece. I know I will be happy with that but...I just can't get the thought of passing up 2 rp280fs for 300 a piece, scratch and dent. That's what's getting to me the most lol. You guys are going to really hate me but I still haven't ruled out 5 really 6 rp160ms if I can't get a better deal than 280 a piece for the rb81s. Again you guys have been so much help I guess I am just really indecisive when it comes to this.
  5. Thank all of you for your insight it is helpful to me. I believe but someone correct me if I am wrong, that the rb81s are rated 100-150 watts continuous. So I would imagine that the receiver should do an ok job powering them. I have also read other reviews of people powering all these speakers with the 3400h or 3300w without any underpowered issues. Someday down the road I will upgrade this receiver but it is a step up from my 1995 pioneer technology wise. The pioneer would spank even the denon 6300 and the pioneer is "only" rated at 135 watta a channel. I know it this is wrong and I will get criticized for it but 135 watts is not as powerful as it used to be. Right now I have 2 old optomus mach 3's that are rated at 160 watts continous. 3 horns and a 15 inch woofer, a lot to power. The 3400h powers them but you really have to turn up the volume to get the woofers to move. The old pioneer seems to power these much better, they come alive with the volume at a much lower level then the denon. Not knowing very much it seems like speakers today are much much more efficient then they used to me. I guess that is why the a lot of popular home theater receivers seem to be in the 100-125 watts per channel range...and they keep adding technology to them and cutting back on the amp power. I don't need my receiver to do netflix...my tv, both blu ray players, chormcast, and amazon firestick all have this and other (unneeded on my opnion)features.
  6. Thank you again for all of your help I do really appreciate it. I sit 14 feet away from the screen. Now I am not opposed to spending a couple hundred dollars more if it is worth it. If I do spend a little extra money so I don't have to wonder "what if?" It is worth it to me. I am now leaning toward the 81s because they seem like they can really put out some serious sound and they can handle 150 watts which gives me a little extra roon if I want to upgrade my receiver down the road. Also from what iv read there are plenty of people out the there using the 81s with the 3400h and say that it is more than powerful enough for the 81s. But again a still think about the 160m. I could get 6 of those for cheaper than 5 81s. Are the newer horns worth getting "smaller" speakers? I mean I can essentially get the 160m and the 81s for roughly the same price. That is what has me the most torn right now I guess. Lol I still haven't ruled out getting 3 81s and 2 61s either. Especially for what "little" sound goes to the rear 2 speakers. Uh lol. But just so I'm not wondering I will most likely get the 5 81s. Unless you can talk me into the 160ms...
  7. Well I could do 5 rp280fs but the center would have to be positioned on its side which wouldn't be right I assume...
  8. Thank you very much for your reply roboklipsch, I do not have an acoustically transparent screen and not really looking into one....buy I do have some flexibility in this room with speaker placement because I can move my screen up and down along with the projector. But I can't move the screen high enough to accommodate 3 280fs up front but I could do 3 or 5 81s quite easily. Could you expand on the benefits of 5 rp160ms over 5 rb81s? Thanks again, Shane
  9. Thank you I appreciate the advice. Will I be missing out though on not getting the big daddy rp280f? Unfortunately I live in PA and there is not a frys anywhere close to me.
  10. OK please please help me lol. I have been researching this for weeks and cannot make a conclusion here. I keep reading and its only making my choice harder. I am looking to upgrade my speakers from very old(I know) optomus mach 3's for 2 fronts, bose 101 video monitor for center, and 2 bose 101 music monitors for surrounds. And a jbl 110 something sub. I also currently the denon 3400h receiver. Doesnt really matter but I have a 100 inch screen with a benq ht1080st. I would say 75% movies bluray or cable and 25% music from sacds or spotify. The room it is set up in is 25x20 but I am flexible where I can position the speakers. So I am having a hard time choosing which speakers to get... Do I get 2x RP280s and the RC62ii or do I get 3 RB81ii and use them for all 3 front channels? Do I run 2 RB61ii, RB81ii, or the RP160Ms for surrounds? I can get 2 of the RP280Fs for $600 chip and dent units with the RC62ii for 220ish. I can also get 3 brand new RB81ii for 250ish a piece. A pair of RB61ii and RP160s are roughly 300/340ish...not enough of a difference price wise to be concerned with. I have been reading for weeks about this and I know I want to have timber matching for the 3 fronts at least. But I really can't justify spending almost twice the price of the RC62ii for the rp450c, especially when I keep reading so many positive reviews of the 62. Then because of the timber matching I start thinking about 3 of the RB81ii or even 5 of them and be done with it. But do I want go without the rf280s? Lol I dont know. I guess what I am trying to get at what will give me the best home theater experience? Will the non timber matching RC62ii throw off the sound enough to make it noticable? That brings me to the 2 rear channels... After reading about these for weeks i keep leaning towards the RB61ii over the RP160Ms based on all the fantastic reviews. Or do I dare go with 2 RB81ii even if I get the RP280Fs for fronts? I have read quite a few people have choose the rb series for surrounds over many other models. Any input here? I will most likely go with the 112sw and that is already going to be way way way too much for my girlfriend. She doesn't mind loud but tends to get upset when the pictures fall off the wall. I have gone to best buy and others to listen to some of these but I'm never impressed in the stores and they always sound much different set up in your home listening to your own music. So I know all of these speakers will sound good in my home I just want to go with what speakers sound the best together if that makes any sense lol. So again I guess I am askin what would best for optimal listening for the home theater experience? Thank you in advance for any advice at all you can give me.
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