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  1. Thanks for the reply, like you probably know I would never pay the $399 retail price for this cube. The performance is awesome its just this sub is def made for small rooms. I currently have it hooked up in a large room and it does a fine job, I will be looking for larger woofer sub, I have been switching the satellites up from basic Klipsch R-15 bookshelves, Definitive Technologies Pro Monitor 800's, a set of Bose 301 series 5's ,it seems I HAVE to use it if I want too or not with the Klipsch R-26 towers, I got a great deal at a swap meet for these towers. but I am not pleased with their performance at all and could see why the dealer parted with them for a set of TLX-151 towers, made in like 2000 and a set of Bose 301 series 5 speakers. I think I got lost in the bells and whistles of exotic materials and tractix horns. I have a set of JBL Arena 180, direct comparison speakers, size and performance basically the same, the JBL's soar over these R-26 towers. I just thought at this price point I could hook these up stand alone and listen to any progressive rock song and get superb performance, these fall utterly short of the mark.
  2. Thanks for the info, first time dealing with passive radiators except for an old pair of Polk Audio speakers, they use an 8 inch driver with 12 inch passive radiators but they seem to produce those standing waves that muddy around the 100 hertz range
  3. Hello folks, again new the forum, I was at a flea market and came across a sub-woofer by Definitive Technologies ProSub 800 cube, to my surprise it was acoustic suspension with pressure coupled passive radiator, I have a few other subs but for its size both being 8 inch and very compact in design, retails for $399 and got this for $75, rated at a true 20hz this was a great find. Does anyone own this type of sub and if they do, please let me know if you are as satisfied as I am with this sub. I will be using this sub in the bedroom because of its small footprint. I was surprised the bass radiator didn't have standing waves that would muddy the very lowest frequencies. Thoughts? , "With an Iron Fist and a Velvet Glove we are sheltered under the gun, in the glory game on the power train, thy Kingdom's will be done-and the things that we fear are a weapon they will use against us" Neil Peart-The weapon
  4. Thanks for the replies, Yeah I didn't get into too much detail with the post, but I had left a more detailed description of my problem in the wrong section really. The room area (will get some pictures up soon) is 20 x 20 feet. Minimal furniture, listening position is about 15 feet off wall,basically the center on couch and 5 feet to spare behind me. At the moment I am using the Klipsch R-26 towers as mains, R-15 bookshelves x 4(surround sides and rear) The R-25 C for center. When circumstances allow I use a Definitive Technologies Pro-Cube 800 sub to supplement music and movies. These speakers are driven by a Yamaha Adventage-RX- A-770 ,7.2. I was aware of the low end frequency spec on the R-26, 38 hertz, but am not reaching those frequencies on certain music tracks. At first I thought it my settings or other issues, but after hooking up several different brands of speakers the towers aren't getting their full potential . I have tried several configurations bringing them closer, or moving them further away from the wall but problem still persists. Speakers have had many hours of movies and music so they are thoroughly broken in. I am aware these are basically the entry level Klipsch product, and I am not having buyers remorse. This is the only real complaint I have with them. I am not an audio expert by any stretch of the word, but I think the problem with these entry level Reference series speakers. The port is basically an oval hole at the bottom front of cabinet with no tuning really. i am not trying to tout one product over the other but I hooked up the JBL Arena 180, very comparable to the R-26 towers, the R-26 has dual 6-1/2 inch woofers, the Arena has dual 7 inch woofers., Klipsch is rated at 38 hertz, Arena at 39 hertz, I know this is apples and oranges, but the Arena is the closest speakers I own to the Klipsch and this hole is not detectable in the Arenas and that's the reason I noticed this drop off at about 50 hertz. I have to say I didn't expect these towers to replace a sub-woofer for low end frequencies and realize dual 6-1/2 inch woofers aren't going to reach those low end levels by any means, am I expecting to much from them for their size? I noticed the R-28 towers with the dual 8's only claims 32 hertz and a under 10 hertz difference between the R-26 had me thinking they would hit lower notes. I am heading to a swap meet next month where I traded an older set of JBL_TLX-151'sand a set of Bose 301 series 4 for these R-26 towers, should I look to trade up for a higher end set of Klipsch? any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Current speaker projects: Classic Bose 901(re-coning and surrounds -, 6 down, 12 too go)-purchased for $50 at flea market, re-cone 8 bucks per speaker=$194.00) Advent/Jensen Prodigy towers(re-coning woofer kinda tricky as these are acoustic suspension design 10 bucks at Goodwill, 8 bucks per cone=$18.00) "I have no fear of the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time, i fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times"-Bruce Lee
  5. Hello to everyone, new to this Forum and new to the Klipsch brand. I was in search of any ideas on specific placement of these towers. The problem I am having is low end roll of, specifically frequencies under 50 Hertz. I have tried multiple placement changes, to no avail Hopefully someone might have ideas on placement. It would be highly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to Klipsch loudspeakers. I had a house fire few months back and lost a whole 8x10 room filled with different speakers. When it came time to start replacing some of them, I was looking for an affordable set of towers for my Mains.. I auditioned a half of a dozen pairs or so, and finally decided on a point price. I chose the Klipsch Reference R-26 towers. I thought the surface area of the dual 6-1/2 woofers, would be a nice compromise to avoid a subwoofer. I have fast become a fan of the compression driven horns, clarity and detail are superb. However having said that, the low end roll off at about 50hertz or so is disappointing. I have tried moving them away from wall or back toward them, tried removing furniture close to the towers. None of these had remedied the problem, the R-26 claims frequency response down to 38 hertz. With this low end roll off, there seems to be a "hole" with some bass notes. An example of a song with the roll off is YYZ by Rush, my other speakers seem to bring these bass notes out where they seen to be lacking with the R-26 towers. if there are any ideas floating around about placement ideas, maybe I am missing something. The other thing I have noticed is, the speakers seem to love other genre's of music, R+B. Rap, Classical, all sound decent, but I am a HUGE fan of Progressive Rock and it seems the towers rock the house, but the roll off is nerve racking. Any suggestions out there would be highly appreciated.
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