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  1. Just an update on this sale - Either demand is very strong, or I have priced things too low. Horns, Macintosh gear, sub, turntable are all sold in 10 days. Still have nice Heresy III's. Thanks, Jim
  2. Moving - need to part ways with years of speakers, etc. Pick up only - West Point, Mississippi. 1. 1963 Khorns, third owner, exceptional shape for age, SN's 1C999, 2C000, stunning presentation and sound with original parts, bamboo - Asking $1,500 for pair 2. Heresy III's, Cherry, one owner, bought in 90's. Risers. Mint., Asking $1,300.00 for pair. 3. KG4 - One owner, pair bought inn 80's, excellent condition. Risers. Asking $300.for pair 4. Adona 3 tier stand. See picture. Granite. Bought new 5 years ago. Asking 400.00 5. RF 3 II - One owner, bought in mid 90's, excellent condition. Asking $500.00 6. Sub - RSW 12; one owner bought in mid 90's. Excellent condition. Asking 250.00 All were powered with Macintosh components. I will be listing these shortly. I do have a third party that has agreed to ship these, if necessary. Other items : Rebuilt Pioneer PL-71 turntable. Asking 200.00 I have pictures, but am having trouble attaching. Would appreciate any advice as to how to insert pictures, or send me a message and I'll send. Thanks, Jim
  3. Have a pair of 1963 KHorns, located in West Point, Mississippi. Will be asking $2500 for the pair, as they are in unusually excellent shape for 55 year old speakers. Not exactly in the area - but wanted to make you aware. I will be taking pictures this weekend to post next week, along with Heresy III's, RF82II's, KG4's, etc. Moving, and have decided to part with several pairs of Klipsch speakers and Macintosh components. Thanks, Jim
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