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  1. I just posted my original owner KLF-30 speakers for sale - I'm in the Detroit metro area. Can ship or you can pick up - mostly freeway from MN. I had them sitting on a shelf in my personal skatepark for the last ten years so only been in two locations their whole life. Thanks for looking.
  2. Klipsch KLF-30 Legend Tower Floorstanding Speakers for sale. Like new condition. Original owner. Factory Medium Oak finish. Purchased and used in the same location for the last ten years. No disappointments. $1,200. Currently listed on Craigs List in Michigan. Serial Numbers: KLF30M00280081/83. I purchased these from the Stereo Shoppe in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'll try and load more pictures - the 2MB limit is limiting. I can send picture to email if you desire.
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