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  1. Just thought I'd pass along a CL posting for 4 Belles total, $1850 per pair. Condition described as good. Walnut. I recently bought some, so not in the market, but looks like a good deal. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/belle-klipsch-speakers/6580760381.html
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I set up the Rogue Magnus Chrome ii today and wow, what a difference! I'm now rethinking adding a sub. The sound is so much richer than it was with my older SS receiver. I didn't know what I was missing.
  3. Thank you all for the kind replies. Drew, I have tried the Belles and after doing so I added a Velodyne CHT 10 sub that was attached to my home theater. I liked the sound more with the sub; sounded more "complete" to me. The Belles have not been recapped but that is on my to do list, as well. I'm planning to buy what I need through Bob Crites. Your speakers look perfect in that room, btw. As luck would have it I agreed to buy a slightly used integrated tube amp (Rogue Audio Magnus Chrome II) from a local shop that I will pick up tomorrow. Schu, you're advise helped clarify this move. My plan is to use the speaker output on my iPad to connect to the amp via RCA. The only other addition at that point is a sub that would be a good tonal match to the Belles. I've searched the forum and the advise I gathered is that a horn sub would match best. My room is about 18' x 45'. I think this setup would satisfy my goals of quality audio and ease of use. Please feel free to offer insight into my thinking. Thanks again.
  4. Hello All, I recently purchased a nice set of '73 Belles and would love some advice for a streaming setup. Forgive me if my questions are ignorant but I'm pretty new to this world and trying to find my way. There's just so much info out there it can be overwhelming to the uninformed. My intention is to use Tidal and/or Spotify to stream from an iPad, and based on all I've read from this Klipsch community I gather that a nice tube amp would be a great way to drive them. I will be pairing them with a subwoofer as well. I'm currently using a Velodyne CHT 10 with low miles but considering an upgrade to pair with the Belles. How does a sub impact using a tube amp, if at all? I assume a good DAC is a start but should it be a tube DAC? I'm also a bit confused about whether a pre-amp is worthwhile? Is it best to have all components tube driven? I listen to a variety of music, from acoustic piano to reggae and funk, some electronica, so low bass is desired. The setup doesn't have to be perfect, even if there was such a thing. I'm just trying to get a good bang for my buck while avoiding incompatibility pitfalls. Figure my budget is $2k though spending less would be preferred. Thank you to all for both helping me now and for all of the help you have previously provided to others, and from which I have learned. Best, Tom
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