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  1. I am moving to a new house a couple of towns over and want to downsize plus I just don’t want to hook everything back up again. If they don’t sell by the time I move I will have to set them up again. I am the original owner
  2. I have 2 Klipsch RF63 in great shape my zip is11713 I have the paperwork just not the boxes. I ve been getting a lot of calls to buy my Klipsch RC64 I would rather pickup but if you find out how much to ship I might think about it. my # 631-307-6776
  3. Yes a 7 year old daughter. I get neurotic making sure nothing gets touched she is good about it. I forgot to mention also with this package I am including a Onkyo TX-NR808 receiver with the remote auddesy mic and box included with the deal
  4. Thank you it hurts selling theses but I am downsizing, I don’t think I will ever own something that sounds so good again.
  5. SOLD!! 1 Klipsch RC64 Cherry 2 Klipsch RF63 Cherry 1 Klipsch RSW10 Black for sale. Also 2 grey Klipsch RSX5 There in Excellent condition the RSW10 sub works great has some cosmetic issues I have the grills for them all and the box for the Klipsch RC64 and RSX5 I live on Long Island and I am posting also on Craigslist so local pickup Selling all for $900 or the 63’s and 64 for $700 Or Klipsch RF63 for $400 or Klipsch RC64 $300 These are final prices phone 631-307-6776
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