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  1. WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Bump again. Still on the hunt
  2. WTB Klipsch RF-63

  3. WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Very. Although I wonder if it was the same member that was posting here awhile back. I believe both were in NY. I contacted the member here and he confirmed they had been sold.
  4. WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Thank you! I sent a message, always worth a try!
  5. Klipsch RF 7 Maple in MA

    Damn that’s was quick!
  6. WTB Klipsch RF-63

    I’m kicking myself for missing those. I think they were in NY. I would have drove from Boston to get them.
  7. WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has a pair of RF-63’s in Cherry they are looking to part with? Many leads would be much appreciated! Thanks, Rick
  8. If these aren’t sold I’d be interested. PM sent.
  9. WTB: Klipsch Forte II

    I'm open. Not too picky. Even interested in a roughed up pair as a fall project.
  10. WTB: Klipsch Forte II

    Thank you! I'll give him a call.
  11. WTB: Klipsch Forte II

    Hi All, Looking for a pair of Forte II for my new listening room. I'm not picky on condition. I'm located in the Boston MA area but wouldn't mind a drive to NH, ME, RI, CT or even upstate NY. Thanks!
  12. R-115SW In Box - SOLD

    Any thoughts on how this would match up with my RC-64 ii and RF-82 ii?
  13. WTB: Something In Cherry

    No wonder why I can't find much on Craigslist anymore. All these apps!
  14. WTB: Something In Cherry

    Hoping someone has a pair of RF-83, 63, 7 , or 82's in cherry they'd like to part with. Im interested in any of those speakers in no particular order. I'm located near Boston but don't mind a road trip. Thanks!
  15. Klipsch RC-62 for sale

    Bump for the new price of $120. I also have some nice Cherry RB-35 if someone was looking for a LCR set up. $200 for all