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  1. I have a super nice Marantz 170dc amp but sadly it has no faceplate. If anyone has one they’d like to part with please let me know. I’m not picky about condition. Thank you!
  2. Wondering if anyone has a Marantz 3250 or 3250B pre laying around they’d like to part with? please let me know! Thanks R
  3. Well his handle is “Mental Patient”
  4. I don’t think I’d even begin to have the knowledge as to how to ship them safely unfortunately.
  5. Sold! Very nice pair of Forte in walnut with new Crites crossovers. These are the full crossovers not the upgrade kit. This is the first pair I’ve ever had that have been upgraded and wow is all I can say! $750 located North of Boston.
  6. Works great, sounds great! Has a quarter sized scrape on the top, it came to me that way but never bothered me or the music. $80. Located north of Boston.
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