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  1. Rocko81

    WTB: Music Hall Or Marantz CD Player

    I’d love to grab a SA15s2 to match my Integrated. Not sure I want to drop the $1000+ on it since I mostly listen to my albums. That said it sure would look pretty in between my PM15S2 and TT15S1
  2. Rocko81

    WTB: Music Hall Or Marantz CD Player

  3. Hi All, Looking to pick up a silver face CD Player to match with my Marantz PM15S2 Integrated. I’d love to have a matching SA15 S1 or S2. That said the prices they have been selling for are well a bit more than I want to spend. That said a Music Hall CD25.2 would certainly fit in well too. I don’t need SACD capability. Please let let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. Rocko81

    Klipschorns in MA

    MA in the house!
  5. Rocko81

    You don't see these very often...mahogany KLF30

    When someone is try me to sell me stuff yes. Bring it home and stand it upright then take the pic.
  6. Rocko81

    You don't see these very often...mahogany KLF30

    Never understood why people can’t wait and not take pictures in the back of their cars/trucks/SUV’s?
  7. Rocko81

    Klipsch Kg4, steal of a deal

    Must be the upcharge for the crayon on the back and the rare non matching veneers.
  8. Rocko81

    Cherry Klipsch RB-75 $500.

    Exactly what and how I said it to my wife. Only 3:49 mins away.
  9. Rocko81

    Cherry Klipsch RB-75 $500.

    Hmm how long of a ride is it from Boston?
  10. Rocko81

    WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Bump. Still looking. I know they are out there somewhere.
  11. Rocko81

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    The sticky remote back can be fixed with a little rubbing alcohol. Mine didn’t come with a remote so I bought one directly from MH. It was sticky when it arrived. I spoke with Roy Hall and he mentioned that it was an issue from the vendor. I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol and never had an issue with it after that.
  12. Rocko81

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    It wouldn’t stick out like mine does.
  13. Rocko81

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    Great CD player. I miss mine.
  14. Rocko81

    Chorus II in Mint Condition

    I’ll toss my hat in the ring if dtr20 passes.
  15. Rocko81

    WTB Klipsch RF-63

    Bump again. Still on the hunt