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  1. No interest in selling. I think I'm leaning towards getting the Marantz sr6013.
  2. Does the content you're outputting to the receiver have hdcp 2.2 protection? I have this receiver and can't run my TiVo through it to my 4k TV because of this issue. I have to run a separate HDMI cable directly to my TV for video and output the audio directly to the receiver over optical for audio. It's an old receiver that cannot be updated to handle hdcp 2.2 because it's a hardware and not software issue. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the best I've been able to figure out. I think I confirmed the hdcp issue with Onkyo/Integra support at some point.
  3. I currently have an Integra DTR 50.4 that is powering a pair of Palladium 17B bookshelves and a Palladium 27C center (my sub is in flux and I don't have rears at the moment). My primary use for my setup is TV and movies (95%) and then audio (streaming from pc, spotify, or phono). My audio guy is strongly in the camp that the Integra is not fully showcasing the speakers as well as some other receivers could. He's suggesting either the NAD T787 with the newest HDMI MDC installed or an Audio Control AVR-7 or AVR-9. These receivers are definitely a step up in audio quality from the Integra I currently have, but I'm concerned that they don't focus as much on video and thus I might run into problems (looking at forum posts, people complain of HDMI handshake issues and ARC issues). He is also trying to persuade me to stay away from some Asian manufacturers (Marantz, Denon, Onkyo/Integra, Yamaha, Pioneer) as he claims the audio will not be as warm. I don't have a ton of data points to work with from personal experience. If anyone here has insights on a suitable sounding AV receiver that will mostly be handling video and dialogue over stereo sound, I would be greatful for your input.
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