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  1. I bought a RSB-14 a while back because it had play fi and intended on adding some RW 1's to system for forward channels i the living room and possible elsewhere utilizing the klipsch apps etc... But now every thing seems to have changed so i wonder what speakers have play fi, and will work withe RSb-14 and the Stream app for setting front channels or just remote speakers like the RW 1 would have? Is Play fi gone? Will some Surround 3 speakers work with the RSB -14? Thanks for any advice and or suggestions.
  2. I was going to update the firmware on my RSB 14 which I've only had a few months. So I downloaded the zip file, expanded it and put the two files on an empty 8GB flash drive from my mac. I followed the instructions of unplugging the unit, inserting the flash drive and holding the volume up button while plugging the power cord back in. But Dolby light never came on. I waited several minutes. So i released the volume up button and unplugged the unit, removed the flash drive. I confirmed i had the files on the drive, and I tried again. Still not dolby light. So i figured i would do it later after checking the forums and looking up some trouble shooting stuff. But now the unit will not work at all. I hook the power up the blue tooth and digital indicator light come on and stay on, but it is not giving any sound from my Apple TV, which i have hooked up via optical, i can not pair with my phone via blue tooth and it will not respond to it;s remote or the Universal remote i had programmed and had been using with it.
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