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  1. Hello @Frank Varnado and @FranktheTank I am having the exact same issue with my RSB-6. After significant sound idle/pause the RSB-6 turns itself off and won't power back on unless I disconnect and reconnect the power cable. Did either of you come up with a fix? Did you just take it back? Thanks for your help.
  2. I recently got an RSB-6 sound bar for use in my bedroom. When I first connected it to my TCL 55" Roku TV it worked great and had good sound. I connected it via HDMI CEC using the ARC input on my TV. In order to get sound, the soundbar was set to it's HDMI input, this made sense. Once I was done setting it up, I powered the TV off which also powered the soundbar down. I powered the TV back on and the soundbar came on, then I turned the TV off again and the sound bar went off again. So far so good. The next time I turned the TV on was maybe 7-8 hours later. I powered my TV on, just as before my TV shut it's speakers off because it detected it was connected to the soundbar, however the sound bar didn't power on. When I tried to turn the sound bar on using the Klipsch remote, it still would not power on. I had to unplug the power adapter from the sound bar and plug it back in to get it to turn on. It seemed to work fine again after that. I could turn the sound bar on/off when I powered the TV on/off. However, if the soundbar sat in it's off state for too long, the only way to get it to power on again was to unplug it's power chord and plug it back in. I checked for a firmware update and found one. I updated the sound bar to the latest version. After doing so, I no longer got sound. This was puzzling until I switch the sound bars input to "TV" then I was able to get sound. So before the firmware update the sound bar had to be set to HDMI input and after the update it had to be set to TV input. Weird but whatever. So I did the same thing, waited many hours to see if it would power on after being off. It seemed to work fine for about 2 days, but now it's doing the same thing. Won't power on via the TV being powered on or the Klipsch remote. Power cycle only. Is there anything else I can do? Your help/advice is appreciated.
  3. I remember those towers! Wasn't there a small shoppette near by that also rented videos? Haha I used to love playing soccer in Carny Park. But yeah the star wars laserdisc collection. It's such a nice set. It's 3 discs per movie! haha Here's a little more about the collection. I got mine for only $50! http://www.thestarwarstrilogy.com/starwars/post/2013/04/19/Star-Wars-Trilogy-The-Definitive-Collection
  4. WHOAH! Crazy! My dad was Air Force and we were stationed in Naples in the early 90's! I remember the base entirely as well at the NATO base. My laserdisc collecting started because I'm a huge Star Wars fan. The highest quality, untainted by George Lucas versions are on Laserdisc and the collectors edition just looked so cool. I found a copy on craigslist for $50. After I had the movies, I realized I had to be able to watch so I snagged a higher end player for dirt cheap. The quality is still pretty good, maybe a rung or two below DVD and the audio for a lot of big movies is excellent. Add the the fact that basically every movie from the late 70's on up till around 2002 was released on laserdisc and can be had for about $1-5 and like you pointed out... who wouldn't want to watch Robocop on an antiquated disc based medium like Laserdisc? It's just kind of Cyber-Punk. Also Laserdisc was the first medium that criterion released movies on. 2001: A Space odyssey or Blade Runner: Directors Cut, Criterion on laserdisc? Yes please! haha There's just something fun about watching movies I grew up loving in all it's grainy composite video glory.
  5. Gotcha, well for now I'm pretty happy. I've always had 5.1 systems in a box with pretty weak subs, so this is a massive upgrade for me. Plus I'm not sure if the 12" sub would fit under my cabinet that I built to hold my Laserdisc player.
  6. Hi, yes I believe this is what I did by letting the receiver handle the crossover set to 80Hz and I set the subs low-pass knob all the way up to LFE and gain to around 3-3.5. Sounds perfect now! I think a 12" would be too big for my room. I've experience no distortion or port noise since dialing in the settings like this. Very happy.
  7. Thanks for the reply's everyone, I think I have it figured out. Yes, I am aware of gain on the sub vs volume on the receiver, but like it I mentioned, the gain on the sub was turned down very low, leaving me to assuming the volume on the receiver mixed with the receivers crossovers settings were what was over driving the sub. Yeah, might not be the best source to test, but I have things working much better as I'll explain below. I just found those demos after setting up my system and could immediately tell I didn't have things dialed in quiet right using them. I had to use these demo's because I sold all my DVD's a decade ago and never bought into Blu-Ray. What I can't stream, I torrent these days. Sorry, I think you misunderstood me, this subs gain set to the 9 o'clock position is a very low gain setting, like level 2-3. Ok, so part of my problem was I couldn't access and adjust certain features on my receiver without a television hooked up. Once I got my new TV setup this weekend, I was able to tinker around with the receivers full settings. Like I suspected it was all crossover. I made sure all my speakers were set to small, dialed in their distance from the best seat in the house, set the receivers crossover to 80Hz and turned the low pass on the sub all the way up and the gain to about a 3 and BOOM! Everything sounds super balanced, very tight base, zero chuffing and those sound demos I was using to test, sound night and day better. Had a few friends and neighbors come by throughout the weekend and they were all blown away as am I now. My living room is still a work in progress and the media console I am using is just temp till I build my custom one, but I'm still pretty stoked on how it's all coming together.
  8. Thanks for your reply. However, I feel like with my receiver zeroed out and with the volume at around 35-40 out of 70 in a small-ish room, I should not be experiencing this. I still think I need to adjust my crossover somehow, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to this stuff which is why I hoped to get a few tips based on my equipment here.
  9. Hello, I just purchased a bunch of new Klipsch audio equipment and I'm very excited about it! I am pretty new to higher end home theater audio so it's quite possible that I'm setting something up incorrectly. My main issue is the chuffing port noise/distortion coming from my brand new R-10SWi subwoofer when I run certain dolby digital audio tests. At medium to high volume I can hear it chuffing over various audio I'm playing. I highly doubt it's defective, so I believe I just don't have my subwoofer settings in conjunction with my audio receivers settings setup incorrectly. I've never had to mess with crossover settings before so I am pretty unfamiliar, but I've been reading up. My setup is as follows: Sony STR-DN840 Klipsch R-15M Front L/R Klipsch R-25C Center Klipsch R-10SWi JBL Expansion Satellite Rear L/R I've zeroed out/cleared my receivers settings and everything is default. On the sub, I have the gain set to about 9 o'clock position, low pass set to 80Hz, phase at 0 and I'm using it wireless. From what I've read, this should be a good pairing with the R-15M. It's my understanding you can setup crossover in two different ways, let the receiver handle it or let the sub handle it? I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it for my particular setup. The manual for my receiver can be found here STR-DN840 I know to set my speakers to "small". My receiver does have the ability to use a calibration mic, thought I just moved into my new home and can't seem to find it, so for now I'm doing everything manual. If I cant find it, I'll order a replacement if doing that calibration setup is recommended. My living room is small to medium 15'x12' and the sub is placed in the front corner. After connecting everything up I wanted to hear some 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. I connected my laptop to my receiver via HDMI and made sure my laptops soundcard was setup for 5.1. I found this website which hosts some Dolby Trailers and downloaded several of them to test. I get chuffing port noise for a lot of the bassy parts in these videos. The very first video titled "Amaze" at the end when the Dolby logo splashes up, I've been using that low note as a baseline for adjusting things. I hardly get any bass like I'd expect and instead just hear mostly fluttery port noise. I'm guessing it's incorrect use of crossover causing this issue, so how should I go about adjusting my setup based on what I'm experiencing? Thanks!
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