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  1. That would seem to be a possibility... Especially since the wrong fuses were in them (but what do I know...?) Haven't tried that yet. I will try it... Thanks again to all for all the ideas!
  2. Clean as a whistle. I've got got both bottom enclosures open right now, and not so much as a spider web inside.....
  3. I will give it a try, but the digital meter is brand new with brand new batteries, and while the analog one is NOT new, it, too, has a fairly new battery.... They were both giving me the same reading....
  4. If I need to, I can deal with that... Doesn't Crites have them for $310/pair...? I just don't want to replace them only to find out there's an 'electronic' problem (i.e. inducer, capacitor, etc.) that I missed... Thanks again all!
  5. It sounds like the other one did when I did the same experiment... A little 'fuller" (i.e. I can hear the upper registers a little better) but everything - including the bass - still sounds muffled and muddy) Thanks again for everyone's efforts here - I have a 'thing' here tonight for which I have to leave, so I'll be offline for the rest of the day... Thanks again - I really appreciate everyone's help! I am learning a ton! DB
  6. I haven't tried it on the left speaker (the one I just disconnected). I probably should have, but since the symptoms and resistances were all coming out the same, I didn't do that one... I'll try now...
  7. I have ZERO knowledge about electrical engineering (like you couldn't tell!), so what are the fuses in this system there to protect/prevent? And why wouldn't having the wrong ones installed (20 AMP on both sides on the 'main' circuit, instead of 2.5's...) be an issue? Again, my engineering 'skills' fall into the "Fire - Bad !!!" kind of level....
  8. I thought I did that before (I've started to lose track of the 'permutations.') I got a slightly 'brighter' sound, but still not very much louder than it was before...
  9. I've switched cables, and I've switched out the amp for a different one...
  10. And, on the right speaker (the one I opened up first), I'm reading 2.7 ohms (I was getting 2.7-2.8 with the digital meter)
  11. Yes, I do. One digital, one analog. They both read 2.7 ohms for the left speaker (the one I just now opened up...)
  12. Would my lower reading yield the 'duller', quieter sound I think I''m getting? Again, thanks to all for the help!
  13. Thank you for 'crystalizing' my thoughts.... Is that my next move? De-solder a lead and check and check the resistance on the other speaker?
  14. I was wondering if the incorrect fuses could have had anything to do with the situation... The upper fuses consisted of a correct (the one correct one of the four) 1.25 amp on one side with a wad of foil on the other. 😉 The BOTTOM fuses were supposed to be 2.5's but both had 20 AMP fuses installed instead....
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