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  1. CF3 V1 in the house 🏡
  2. And adapter https://www.parts-express.com/Eminence-B2S-A-Aluminum-2-3-Bolt-to-1-3-8-18-TPI-Screw-On-H-290-563
  3. https://www.parts-express.com/B-C-DE250-8-1-Polyimide-Horn-Driver-8-Ohm-2-3-Bolt-294-605
  4. I have my CF4 V2 for sale also
  5. Hey guys I’m back 😂😂😂 here’s a quick videos for my new horn drivers on CF4 vs stock B&C 1.
  6. CF4 V1 with Ciare vs KLF 30 with Ciare crossover and titanium diaphragm upgrade KLF 30 https://youtu.be/2uoQaLAp_ZA CF4
  7. Really hard to tell the difference if anything I will say V1 bass little clean to me but believe me I can’t pick in blind test lol 😂
  8. There’s no subs so any bass is coming straight from speakers woofers
  9. CF4 V1 with Ciare woofers vs CF4 V2 with original woofers and rebuild crossover
  10. I think one has screen Protection and other one is naked no the driver is not removed the newly to me CF4 V1 is on the bottom and my CF4 V2 on top I have listen to them side by side and it’s really hard to tell the difference yes there’s tiny difference but it’s hard to
  11. So what’s the difference between this drivers
  12. It’s official I’m the new owner of EPIC CF4 V1 BLACK More pictures will comes later
  13. Thanks guys I really appreciate super fast response
  14. Hey guys what version is this CF4 227497154 thanks 🙏
  15. Focal is in well treated room with professional microphone I was just using my iPhone 13 pro max camera on this video One single power cord from focal set up can buy my entire system lol 😂
  16. I compare my epic system less than $10k to Jay set up over $300k
  17. This is also my KLF 30 with Ciare drivers SimAudio moon evolution W7 Amp parasound Hint6 for preamp Cambridge Azur 851N Dac streamer dual SVS SB16 no fancy cables just audioquest type 4
  18. My CF4 in garage with PARASOUND JC5 CLASSE SSP800 Cocktail Audio X45 Dac streamer
  19. If you have options to buy one of this amplifiers for your CF4 which one of this you will pick ? CLASSE CA- M600 PASSLAB XA30.8 PARASOUND JC5
  20. I was trying to compare Cambridge Azur 851N vs denafrips Pontus I I this is Pontus
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