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  1. I bought the RP-504C two weeks ago, excellent center but the RP-450C is indeed a better match with the RP280FA's
  2. Hi Bill, thanks for the advice. Now choosing between the RP-5000F/6000F/8000F is going to be the next challenge, the room is normal in size and not very large so a RP-5000F or RP-6000F should a be good choice with the RP-504C . My Onkyo TX-DS989 Upgrade 1 should have no difficulty with any of them. I will use a pair of older Jamo's as fronts until I buy RP fronts.
  3. Update: I cancelled the RF-63's and got a RP-504c Center first, found a good deal with discount because the box was already opened. Next step will be to get a pair of RP-5000f or RP-6000f. Prices for used front speakers are to high in my country compared the prices for the new RP series (Netherlands)
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to Klipsch speaker (I have owned Cerwin Vega, KEF Reference and JBL Northridge speakers in the past) A few years ago I auditioned the Klipsch RF line and was very impressed Recently I purchased a pair of used RF-63's in good condition for a fair price, I do not care for the latest and greatest. What would be a good center to use with the RF-63's? Somehow the older center models (used RC-64 I/II/III RC-62 II seem to have a high price compared to the newer RP models) An exact match is not required for me as long the model is known to be a good performing center. Waiting until the right used center becomes available is also no problem, I am not in a hurry. Danny
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