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  1. Well after stumbling around trying to figure this out, this is all I can come up with: I was wrong on where the wires came out, instead of in my basement there are 3 separate cat5 cables that are wired through the walls and emerge in my media cabinet in my main living room. No extra speaker wires though, just the cat5 cable. After googleing a lot, this is what I can make of it... Since I already have my receiver located in the same media cabinet that the wires are pulled to, I would use the zone 2 output on my receiver to connect to a unit similar to this: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_543AH2/Russound-A-H2.html From there, I'd plug the cat 5 cable in, and install wall plates like this where I have blanks with speaker wire and cat5 cable behind them: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_543AK4/Russound-AK-4.html I'm assuming that I'd then use my receiver as my source, and use those AK4 units as volume control in each separate zone. I don't think I plan to invest in any of this at the moment, but should that change I'll update on how things go.
  2. Yep its helpful. I think it'll make more sense when you see it. I highly doubt I can run new wires, they're probably snaked all through the walls and most likely were put in with other electrical when the house was built in 2007.
  3. I have a Monster surge protector available but don't have it hooked up. The rotel unit is just hooked up to a power strip with surge protection built into.
  4. That's correct. I punched a hole in the exterior wall into my basement and ran it all down there with fresh wire.
  5. I have a few. I have an older Pioneer Elite VSX-42 hooked up to my 5 channel setup in the living room (its independent of all this other funky stuff) I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 hooked up to RP280FA mains, RP450C center, and using whatever in-walls I have in the basement as surrounds at the moment. I have a Rotel RA985bx integrated amplifier I use to power the deck speakers (AW650's) as well as a pair of KG5.5's in my workout area that I A/B select depending where I'm listening. I wired the deck speakers directly to the Rotel unit and am not using any of the previous owners "stuff" for that. I don't even know where the speaker wires would be out on the deck that might already be pre-wired, they're not exposed. None of these are hooked up to anything that might power the Office/Master bedroom/"pre-wired" deck edit - Almost forgot, I also have a little old technics receiver powering a pair of KT-LCR's out in my garage.
  6. This unit is what it seems like would go on the walls in place of my wall plates, then I'd need some sort of amplifier set up in the basement providing the audio source to each of the locations where these volume knobs would be. Obviously Pyle sucks, but this is what I'm thinking the idea behind the setup is like. https://www.amazon.com/Wall-Mount-Control-Knob-Wall/dp/B000V52CP0/ref=sr_1_9?crid=L4H2WBQ6VIJM&keywords=audio+over+ethernet+volume+knob&qid=1668192904&sprefix=audio+over+ethernet+volume+kno%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-9
  7. I used this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084H6F869/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I do have an attic but our home is a 1.5 story so there's bedrooms over about half of the main level and no really good access. I'll poke around a bit more when I get home and come back with pictures and better explanations. Seems like they wanted to have some sort of central control with individual room control for volume based on what I can tell. Then separate from that they had the living room wired for 5 channel surround, and basement wired for 5 channel surround. All 5 speakers are in the ceiling in the basement, and I have them hooked up. I have 2 speakers in the wall in our living room, and they're the surrounds. Then 2 more are wired really high up in the room and there's a center that's wired. I have access to all of these wires and have speakers hooked up to them. It's the deck, master bedroom, and office that seem to have some sort of independent control but I don't know where they'd get their music source from.
  9. I pulled the grills off some of the speakers and couldn't tell what they were. I was hoping they were Klipsch (I have a lot of Klipsch speakers) but they don't appear to be. Honestly, they don't sound all that great and I don't plan to use the ones in the basement for anything other than maybe atmos and rear surrounds. What I'd like to do if the expense is manageable is to use the office/bedroom speakers mainly. It seems like these are set up to get power over ethernet, or at least use some sort of knob with an internal amplifier unless for some reason the speakers have amplifiers built in (which I don't think they do). There weren't any speakers on the deck but I've since added the Klipsch AW650's there and control them through a separate receiver that I wired into the basement. If I could control those with some sort of volume knob outdoors that would be great, but using my phone is fine too.
  10. I moved into a home that has lots of speakers in the ceilings. Here's what I've discovered so far: Basement - 5 ceiling speakers, all 5 sets of speaker wires comes to an entertainment center where I can hook up to receiver. - no help needed here Living room - 5 channels that all lead to a cabinet for my receiver - no help needed here This is where I get confused: Office - 2 speakers in ceiling Master bedroom - 2 speakers in ceiling In these two rooms the speaker wires are behind an outlet style plate on the wall that also has cat5 cable as well. Near the back deck there's a blank wall plate that has 2 speaker wires and a cat 5 cable again. In a hallway I have a blank wall plate with something behind it that I've yet to identify In the basement I have a "central point" that has a bunch of cat5 cable coming to it. Now I'm assuming the basement is where the central brain of some sort would be, but I have no equipment down there, and then that feeds my audio signal to these blank wall plates in different parts of my house where they might have separate volume control equipment attached to them which would also attach to speaker wires. Never really done anything like this. When we bought the house I assumed the master bedroom and office speaker wires were piped into our main living room area where the 5 channel surround wires pipe into, but that's not the case. There's also lots of coax cable that isn't for television cable/satellite in place. For example, there's a coax cable run from my receiver cabinet in my main living room to another cabinet. I'm assuming they used this to hook up a subwoofer and used the coax cable with RCA's screwed onto it to carry the signal. I don't really know. I realize pictures are worth a thousand words and I don't have any available at the moment, but can get more based on any specific criteria needed if it's helpful. Any thoughts?
  11. They're the 5.5's. Technically KM6's.
  12. Just a note, they're probably not going to be real warm after 2 hours of play time. Gotta break those bad boys in first.
  13. I had a pair of KG4's that I stupidly sold (before I knew how great a vintage Klipsch speaker is) that I powered with a Rotel RA-985BX Integrated Amp. They sounded incredible. Now, 2 years later I found a pair of KG5.5's that I power with that same amp and those also sound amazing. I love the KG line from Klipsch, and prefer them when listening to 2 channel audio compared to my RP-280FAs. Glad you found a good fit.
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