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  1. Thanks for the response. I am afraid the new cinema bars are just repackaged bar40/48. Look exactly the same, even the sub dimensions are the same. I guess I will wait for some reviews.
  2. I am looking for a soundbar for a second media room in the house. I've read multiple review on the BAR40 and Bar48 that indicate they have underwhelming performance. I see the new cinema 400 and 600 bars, that look just like the bar 40 and 48. Are these really better performing bars or just repackaged into a different model line? No reviews yet that I can find on the Cinema series bars. Thanks.
  3. Even if I place the surrounds high and aim them down? Also, 90% of the time will be front row viewing only.
  4. The room is an all purpose media room (movies, TV, games) 18.5 x 21 x 9 and is already finished so ceiling speakers are out of the question. Currently have klipsch RP for mains and center Side speakers - can be either surrounds wall mounted at ear level or atmos elevations mounted high on wall (used as surrounds though). Looking at klipsch on walls (RP-240D) or atmos elevations Rear speakers- can be either surrounds wall mounted at ear level or up high aiming down or atmos elevations mounted high on wall. Rear seating row can be pulled about 1' from the back wall. Looking at klipsch on walls (RP-240D) or atmos elevations. So I am thinking that this will either be 7.2 or 5.2.2 ? What is suggested for side/rear surrounds - speaker selection and placement?
  5. The sub died on my promedia 4.1 system and now it doesn't even turn on. Looks like a resistor was fried (burned) but replacement didn't work. Is this system garbage now or is there a way to get it fixed economically. Anyone sell the plate amps that I could try to replace?
  6. So I picked up the RP-160M's and tried them out tonight. The verdict is that I was pretty disappointed. I compared them with my 15 yr old Klipsch Synergy SF-2 towers listening to music, some TV, and some movie scenes. I didn't use the sub. Although the sensitivities were about the same, my towers played louder at the same receiver volume setting. The 160M's just didn't fill my big room the way the towers do. The towers had noticeably more bottom end and a warmer / fuller / grander sound. Clarity was equal. Higher frequencies / treble / detail sounded equal. which was the biggest disappointment. I auditioned them for about 2 hours. I really wanted them them to work, especially due to the low price I got them for but I just packed them up, and will return them. I will probably just keep the towers and invest in a center channel and a bigger sub. I guess the entry level models back then were actually pretty good speakers. Thanks for everyone's help.
  7. Just wondering how the bottom end (bass response) compared with the R-820f and RP-8000f. Also how did they compare in clarity? I was looking to get the R820's but a lot of people talked me out of them and guided me toward the RP series.
  8. Thanks for all the insight! I am familiar with all the rules of thumb for screen size and viewing distance, and trust me I sketched out tons of options, even two rows of seating. It's just that the room lends itself right now to be big and open as we do more in the room than just watch TV and movies. Maybe down the road I will get the seating closer to the TV, but for now I just want to upgrade the audio. I'd love to do something like this...closer seating with an eating bar in the back....much closer than having the seating on the back wall where it is now.
  9. Yes, I know it's a bit far back to sit, but we struggled trying to figure out how to get the seating closer without really closing off the room. I will attach a sketch. 82" was the biggest TV we could get for a good price point. We use the room every day so didn't want to have to keep it dark for a projector. I hope to setup a dedicated movie space in the basement in the next 1-2 yrs. Even at that distance the sound is pretty good and impactful.
  10. Well, If I don't go with the 160M's (listening position is 18' away), and the consensus is to stay away from the reference line (although I still think the R-820F is better than what I have now), then the option would be the RP-260F or 280F. Am I missing anything? I have to look at pricing.
  11. That's good to know. I recently got an 82" TV (60" is shown in picture below). I am going to wall mount it and due to WAF, I think the bookshelfs on stands is the way to go. I am going to upgrade the sub to the 115 SW and add a center channel which I never had before. The 160M's are an amazing deal right now so I think it's worth a try, even the R820's at their current 50% off would cost a little more. For the other poster above, I guess I do have a little more budget, but what am I really getting by spending more?
  12. I am doing some upgrades and rearranging in our media room. Currently I have 15 yr old Klipsch floorstanding speakers (SF-2) as my mains with a klipsch 12" sub and no center channel. They sound pretty good but I want some performance and asthetic improvements. These are used 90% for TV and movies, and 10% for music at low volumes. The room is large, 18x22 with 9 foot ceilings. Option 1: Replace towers will R820F's I know these are the"best buy" reference speakers but they are currently half price and I heard they sound much better than the older model and am thinking would be an improvement over what I have now (esp being 8" woofer vs 6.5") . I also plan to get a center channel (RP-440) and upgrade the sub with the klipsch 15" Option 2: RP160M bookshelf speakers as mains on stands with a center channel (RP-440) and upgrade the sub to the klipsch 15". I know these are bookshelf speakers, but everyone raves about their output and frequency response. I would have a big sub for the low frequencies and these are reference premiere which I am thinking will sound better than the reference line. Only concern is will they fill the room up with sound vs the floor standers?
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