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    Klipsch R-820F mains, R-52C center, R-51M rears and R-41SA atmos (front)
    Onkyo TX-NR787 AVR, LG UBK90 4k UHD Player, TCL 65" 6-Series 65R615 4K TV

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  1. Thanks for the input y’all. I had the opportunity to acquire the 52c to do a comparison with the 34c. Aesthetically, the 52c is more appealing and appears to “match” my 820f’s due to it’s size. As far as sound...that is were it gets kinda interesting at least for me. The highs seem about the same, the mids appear to have a little more presence, and the lows have more articulation and tone ( maybe due to it’s sealed design ). Interestingly enough, when I reran my auto cal it set the xover at the same point as it set the 34c. As for output, it seems to have more despite my auto cal setting the level 1.5db less than it did for the 34c. After these initial findings, I’m thinking that Klipsch set their recommendations based on price and power capabilities...that’s just my humble opinion.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. Since klipsch doesn’t monitor the forums, how would I go about contacting them?...in case I have further questions about their products?
  3. I'm doing a little research on center speakers to try and see if there is performance differences between a center with smaller, but more drivers (r-34c) versus one with larger but fewer drivers (r-52c). In my research, it seems that Klipsch recommends the r-34c with the r-820f floorstanders, and the r-52c with the r-620f and r-610f towers and bookshelf speakers. Why is this so? Spec wise the r-34c goes a little deeper (82hz vs 89hz for the r-52c) and a hair more sensitive ( 96db vs95db). I currently have the 34c and 820f, but curiosity has me looking at the 52c...thoughts? experiences? Maybe a reply from someone from Klipsch??
  4. Woow!! Didn’t expect the final four would be Iike this! Unlike last year where the #1 seeds got knocked off at the beginning, they,for the most part, got eliminated toward the end...who knew 😉
  5. The reasoning IMO is that although most of the dialogue comes through the center channel, there is also the on-screen action that is presented as well. You’re correct in assuming that AVRs perform better when the speakers are set to “small”. I currently use the R-34C center in my setup. Although the center uses 3.5” drivers, I set the crossover on my AVR to 120hz, and that allows it to provide more dynamics and go louder without distorting. Don’t be afraid to use smaller centers...if its set up correctly it will perform quite well 👍.
  6. Hey WillyBob! Unfortunately I missed that☹️, but fortunately I do also follow Hockey 👍!!
  7. I agree with Ceptorman, the R34c would be the better of the two. Having owning one, I can vouch for it’s performance. However, when doing your bass managment on our AVR, set the crossover to somewhere between 100 and 150hz. You’ll get more dynamics out of it 😉
  8. DARNIT...UCF almost pulled it off!!! But I must say, not bad for going up against the number one seed 😉
  9. Woow...UCF giving Duke a run for their money!!...as of right now lol.
  10. Thanks willand and pzannucci for the insights. My knowledge of amps isn’t that extensive...learned something new today 😉.
  11. I was kinda thinking of doing something along those lines, but instead of a music a server rip my CD’s to my PC, then transfer to a portable storage media ( such as a USB drive) or something similar.
  12. I currently have an Onkyo AVR ( TX-NR787 ) which is considered a mid-level AVR...so I guess wouldn’t be a good match for the 82’s
  13. Early this afternoon I hooked up an older BD player to my AVR via optical to be used to play my CD collection ( which I haven't opened up in years ). As far as music, I’ve been either streaming or iTunes listening. I almost forgot how it is to pop in a CD, sit in that “sweet spot”, and just enjoy the tunes ( with a drink in hand of course lol ). Very relaxing...and the SQ is obviously better lol. I’m almost looking into vinyl....😉
  14. Hi jason51672 welcome to the forum. I’m kinda surprised that you found the 820f’s kinda “fatiguing”. I’ve previously had the previous RP line, and I find these new R series have a similar treble to those. They must have further refined the new RP series...
  15. Thanks for the input Bill. I went online and did a little research on them. Seems like for the most part they are well regarded...with some saying that the high-end was “bright” and “fatiguing” to a degree. I find the new Reference Series neither “bright” or “fatiguing”.
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