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  1. Well I wanted an update in codecs so I updated my processor. Just needed the amp. BTW its fired up and working great. I only have 4 channels up and running right now but so far so good.
  2. Thx for the response. Yeah I have klipsch r5800's all around so nothing hard to drive or requiring big power. If I still had my Rf7ii's I probably would have gone for the monolith. I definitely will give it a workout. We'll see but I am coming from an onkyo NR3008 so this should be an ever so slight improvement. The onkyo was quite old and still working so this being the same company I'm sure it will be fine.
  3. So many views.... so little replies 🤣
  4. I just purchased one of these amplifiers. It was a good price and I thought I would at least try it. My other options were Monolith and Emotiva. I really need 11 channels but I already have a 2 channel amp. I've read the reviews on Audioholics and Home Theater review. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this 8 year old amplifier. Especially if you still have it running after 8 years. Thanks in advance.
  5. If you using a sound bar for TV then you can place your speakers anywhere you want. If you're not doing a standard surround setup then you are not bound by anything.
  6. FYI.... I twice attempted to post a poor review on The Monoprice website on the Monolith 12. It was a 2 part review regarding the packaging and then performance. Including pictures and videos as proof. Monoprice is refusing to post the reviews. I cant bring myself to order from them anymore as I just don't trust that the reviews are legit. Buyer beware. I was planning on a Mknolith 7 too but I guess I'll give Emotiva my money.
  7. Nice. I just took possession of 2 12's last week. If they weren't so big and annoying I would have shipped them back and purchased 2 10's with the 20% discount. $400 for a brand new 10 is a great price. Congrats.
  8. Surprise2 only works for a very few select items. No monolith amps or subs unfortunately
  9. I have 2 of them. Don't have laScalas. But the 12s sound good with my RF7 ii's and with my in wall klipsch R5800'S. They are VERY similar to my old Paradigm DSP 3200.
  10. "Surprise1" gets you 20% off on orders under $500. So the $499 Monolith 10 is $100 off! Time to get some cables
  11. Well I guess I figured it out. My options are to split the signal preamp or run the speakers in series/parallel. I'm gonna hold off for now. I decided to get a pre pro first as I already have a couple 2 channel amps and then I'll grab the big amp later. Tough decision between emotiva and monolith amps.
  12. I am planning on doing something similar. With 6 front speakers. My amp is 4 ohm stable.... but would it be safer to run them at 16 ohm channels rather than 4ohm? I cant decide. Thanks
  13. I essentially have the PRO-180RPW LCR setup (its actually the R5800's but the same design). I went that way for the same issue you are experiencing. Didn't want to cut a stud. Turns out I didn't measure properly and had to cut a stud anyway but no matter. As for how the 8 inch in wall speakers sound ......They sound very good. I am however coming from RF7ii's and an RC64ii so I can't say it sounds great. I'm not coming cause the floor space was needed and my choices were few. I'm happy with the Klipsch in wall design and wouldn't change it. I am thinking of adding another speaker to each front channel for more output as long as it doesn't mess with the stage. I also just changed my subs and will be changing my AVR soon so until that is all done and dialed in I will stay with the 3 R5800's up front.
  14. I currently have 3 R5800's for L/C/R in my home theatre. I'm thinking of adding 3 more.... 1 to each channel and wiring in series. Do you think this would mess up the sound? Kind of a extra holes in the wall mistake if it sound bad ya know. Any opinions would be welcome.
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