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  1. Speakers are located in the Minneapolis, MN area.
  2. Klipsch Cornwall I Vintage Speaker Pair in Nice Condition. Picked up from a local sale; speakers are from 1981 and were sanded and refinished with Teak Oil. The few minor flaws were filled with wood filler. Crites crossovers and tweeters are installed. Grill fabric is new. Grill "Klipsch" badges are not original, one original will be included with the sale. Crites risers installed as well. Also, old brochures/instruction manual will be included. A single glass top will be included. Original K55/K33 Drivers, Tweeter is Crites as mentioned before. Sale is for local pick up only, but I'm willing to meet an buyer up to 350 miles for a drop off with a full price purchase. I am willing to provide photos of every square inch of the speakers for interested buyers. I can answer any and all questions you may have prior to purchase.
  3. They are still available make me an offer.
  4. Speakers are in great shape. Just a few surface scratches on the top of 1 speaker, only visible from a few inches. Only 1 of 16 grill tabs are broken. I will deliver within 150 miles for free. Absolutely no issues with sound. Can demonstrate anytime as they are currently connected.
  5. wholte


    Hi there. Any thoughts on selling these still? Will.
  6. Oh great! Thanks for the response. Just got these and they are flawless otherwise! Real unicorns.
  7. Can someone tell me if the 12" woofer which has a 1" tear in the center dust cap can be repaired by a professional. I just wasn't sure if this was a serviceable part. Thanks for you feedback. Will.
  8. For Sale in Minneapolis, MN. Fantastic condition/sounding. All original drivers/Crites Crossover.
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