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  1. Oh so there's a cap break in period as well?
  2. Thank you, everyone. I did it. Tested and all drivers seem to work. First impression, not a HUGE improvement, but the low end is now tighter and less boomy. I'll give it a more detailed listen later tonight.
  3. Thank you. So just to confirm - I will be soldering the old and the new leads together, correct? This does not interfere with the connection in any way? And the 100v cap that comes with the Bob Crite kit (I know you used a different Audyn cap in your photo) is also a poly cap, right? I'm decent when it comes to soldering just have limited experience working on pc boards. I've done minor replacement part repairs on vintage receivers under someone's direction. I am def. taking my time on this and being careful not to damage any parts. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Also, these caps have no polarity, right?
  5. Dave, I have a question. Sine you said you clip the leads on the old caps as close as possible - do you just leave the old leads in place? If so how do you attach the new caps? Do you clip the leads off the new caps? Solder the new and old leads together?
  6. Dave A, I did see the photo you posted. It's difficult to see how you attached the caps in the photo. I'm supposed to receive the cap kit today. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Can someone help me with this. I'm waiting on my new crossover replacement kit to arrive. I just took out the crossover from one of my speakers in preparation. How can I remove the old dry glue they used on top of the plastic snap in screws that hold the two levels together? I don't want to break off the tops of the screws in the process. Also, is there a trick to inserting the crossover back into the speaker enclosure? I tried practicing just now and could not get it back in. Thank you in advance.
  8. If you're thinking about selling your Fortes 1 or 2s or possibly the Chorus, msg me with pricing. Thanks! I have mint KG4s I'm looking to upgrade/sell or trade in after I find the Fortes.
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