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  1. Mine have settled in and haven't been showing anymore signs of pairing issues. But I can't say I would recommend these for phone calls primarily. I think the design with the mics on the back of the earbuds is pointless as they go deeper into your ears so the mics end up against the back of your ears. Every time I wear them and my girlfriend ends up calling me I have to take them out because she says there is a lot of feedback and it's as if an alien is trying to connect to the call lol.
  2. No it should show up as one earbud either R or L when both are paired. Reset them and remove them from your phone's pairing list. After resetting them place them back in your case. Press quickly 5 times in the right earbud while it's in the case then press quickly on the left one 5 times. They will blink red then they will turn kind of purple and back to red. Press three times on the right earbud. It turns blue and now you can go to your phone's pairing options and pair the right earbud. It should also ask if you want to pair the left one. Tap ok on that prompt. All this is done while they are still in the case. You may have issues with it asking to pair the left one automatically but it should ask you. Mine have this issue where they don't seem to pair properly and I have to reset them. These are my warranty replacement too so I dunno if it just takes a while or if they are buggy. But the original buds didn't have issues being reset and re-paired. If it doesn't keep factory resetting them and trying to pair until you see after pairing the right one that it asks to pair the left.
  3. I haven't found any Klipsch distributors yet and I ordered them from the website. I wrote to customer service a few days ago but I have not heard back. Something seems up with my case. Why would it go from two light bars to empty when the headphones themselves were at 70% ? My other big issue is they are unusable on phone calls. Everyone asks why it sounds like an alien is trying to connect to the phone call. They hear all kids of high pitched feedback. The My Account submit a ticket is broken too. It throws an error stating to contact customer support. I don't know why no one's replied to my email either. I would expect better customer service at this point.
  4. Yea but how often do you have to charge the case? Yesterday my case had two light bars. I put my headphones in that were at 70% and about 30 minutes later the case had no power left. I wrote an email to Klipsch since their ticket system is broken on the accounts page. Have not received any reply yet.
  5. Hmm apparently you have to make sure they are in your ears with the Klipsch logo facing straight and and upwards too. I read that in the FAQ about speaking louder. Yesterday at the gym I noticed they were skipping music when the phone was in my pocket too. So I moved the phone to the right side pocket of my shorts as it said in the FAQ that you should keep your phone on the same side as the master earbud. They still skipped though. Also, how long does your charging case last? I have to charge mine every other day when it gets to one light bar. I usually use my headphones at work every day for 3-4 hours, without putting them in the case and they are usually at 50-70% according to my phone. They only get put back in the case when I'm going home. It does not seem like the case should discharge this quickly? I realized this morning the earbuds were not powering on when I pulled them out the case. I had to manually turn them on. Putting them back in the case, they did not turn off which means the case that had one light bar last night is depleted of charge. Not sure why the case lost all it's charge. I am probably better off sending these back as I keep discovering new issues what seems like every day.
  6. I may have spoke too soon about the mics. After using them on calls from Saturday onward, last night I was told there is a hissing sound, similar to white noise or something like when your tv has no channel available. On my end I kept hearing a hollow noise throughout the call sort of like someone was exhaling now and then. It was also a video call through Duo with my girlfriend so I mentioned let's not say anything for a second and see if it's still there. I still heard it and she mentioned she heard fuzziness similar to the tv example. Very odd as I didn't encounter this a few days ago. I'll test them out some more but if it keeps occurring, I may need to send them back before the 30 days are up. Disappointing as I do enjoy them a lot for music.
  7. I've used mine many times when on the phone with my girlfriend and I didn't seem to have any issues with the mic so maybe something was wrong with the ones you had? She said I sounded pretty clear and I could also hear her fine without distortion. I took them to the gym yesterday and they didn't fall out but I did have to adjust them in my ears a few times. They don't seem to have one way to go into your ears which means you have to rotate them now and then to get them to fit correctly. It's not exactly fool proof and the only way I can tell if they are not in right is if they sort of stick out a bit.
  8. Mine arrived on the 22nd. I used them yesterday for a while around the house. I didn't have any initial pairing issues. I just charged the case fully, then opened it and tapped the right headphone 3 times. It turned blue and then I went to my Pixel 3XL Bluetooth and paired the right one only. I tried taking them in and out the case many times and they paired up each time. The only pairing issue I had was this morning when I took the right one out and put it in my ear only to find out that they never paired to my phone. I had to factory reset them by putting them in the case and pressing the right one 5 times then the left bud 5 times. They flashed red then blue, then back to red and the lights on the case also blinked. I had to then repair them with my phone. Not sure why this happened and if it will happen again. Audio quality is good, I like that they are not too bassy. They are very clear and get decently loud as you turn up the volume near the max amount. I am enjoying them so far and I hope the app will have more options as well as firmware updates to stabilize the connection. The FAQ states the app should be available in the Fall? Range seems to be an issue. In my 2 bedroom apartment if I leave the phone in my room and walk to the kitchen which is about 10-12 feet away, I get skipping and pausing on both earbuds. I have not tried them out at the gym but I will be taking them to workout tomorrow. For me the standard earpieces work fine. I tried the large ones and it makes them stick out of my ears too much and the smallest size ear pieces don't seem to be as snug in my ears as the default ones. I am curious how the new Sony's sound but I don't think I want to return them and get those unless I start having major connection or pairing issues with the T5's. Another thought, the case top seems a bit flimsy. Opens way too easily. Is this the same for anyone else? If I were to shake it a good amount the top comes open. Not sure if this is by design and normal or an issue.
  9. Yesterday I noticed a pending charge on my card like I did when I first pre ordered in July. I figured they would ship as support had said similar to you. Today that pending charge is off my card again. No shipping email either. I will wait until the end of the week and if nothing by then I'm going to cancel mine.
  10. I am still waiting for mine to ship. Not sure what's going on. Someone in Reddit mentioned they contacted support and they said the next batch should ship this week. If I don't hear anything I'll probably cancel and go with the Sony even through they are not water resistant.
  11. Mine still have not shipped. I was hoping they would have been on their way. Going on some flights after next week and it would have been helpful to have these. At this point I'm thinking of cancelling the preorder and just picking up the Sony's so I have a working pair with me.
  12. That's a good point. The Sony's would be the runner up for me if for whatever reason the T5's have to be sent back whenever I get them due to issues. I'd also get the protection plan knowing I would use them in the gym the most.
  13. Thanks for the quick review. The only downside to the Sony's for me would be I go to the gym a lot and they are not ip rated for getting swear / water on them. Not talking waterproof but you know, sweat and splash proof at least. I'm going to wait for my T5's to arrive, still no shipping email but I sure hope they get the app out there soon so that firmware could be delivered properly and maybe fix the synching issues.
  14. I haven't seen to many reviews on them but I did see two new ones on YouTube. Call quality isn't amazing on other wireless buds either. But pairing problems are a big concern. I did see one reviewer mentioned the first set would never pair so Klipsch had to send him another set. Not going to lie, the Sony wf 1000 xmx3's are looking good at this point. They also seem to be reviewing well. I hope Klipsch has the application out soon. I'm hoping a firmware update can alleviate some of the pairing issues or general problems.
  15. I too was a bit concerned that the app wasn't even out by the time they started shipping them. Another user a page back mention they skip playback when you walk with them. Hopefully they come out with a proper solution or firmware update. Is it possible to update the firmware on these? I feel like it may be through the app. I'm looking forward to to mine but they have not shipped so reading this makes me worried as I gave up on buying alternative true wireless buds for these.
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