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  1. First new stereo in 20 years, clean slate, ignorant considering I month research. Die hard KLIPSCH fan having had the forte and then forte ll speakers but this will be my first surround system ever. I did order the RP 280fa Floor-Standing speakers for the front. planning on the either RC 64lll or RP 450ca for center. No woof for now living in condo.Opinions welcome. but am at a loss for rear speakers. The rp402s is recommended for rear speakers on the klipsch site but tempted by reviews of the RP600m bookshelves. 1st should I be staying with the RP series speakers to "match" the system or consider continue reading reviews, enough already, and choose anything. 2nd, why bookshelf or the 402´s´ With bookshelves I would also have to buy stands to get them to the proper height so why spend on stands when I could buy equivalent speakers already Floor-Standing? I am open to any and all suggestions (or donations, my first choice would be to get the heritage lll for the fronts and the RP280fa in the rear, but I'm already, naturally, over 4K budget). my research has led me to the Denon avr3600h.for the receiver and happy with that decision. So that is the plan and I would appreciate opinions on new rear KLIPSCH speakers, and stands if bookshelves are the answer. If buying right now >I would go with the RP600,s on stands but also concerned about stability. the stands I have seen so far look like they would be very unstable in earthquake and live in an earthquake zone.so if someone has seen stable looking bases I would loved to hear about them.
  2. putting together a new system. Ive owned the forte and forte ll speakers and over them however this time going with the full AV setup which put the forte lll out of my budget. I ordered a pair of RP280fa for front speakers planning on the RP280 for center speaker and considering the RP600m for rear speakers. any comments/suggestions welcome, waiting on cyber Monday and black Friday for purchasing rest of the system. The reason for post is receiver for systemI am pretty much sold on Denon and looking at the AVRx3600H. while researching and looking at their AVR 4300H I heard comments about too much receiver for small room. Could that be an issue I have to deal with. The size of the room could easily change in the future and stepping down would lose features that come on the receiver. Should I be concerned with too much receiver?
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