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  1. Thought I would post a reply for future people who are searching on similar topics. I finally got the monolith amp hooked up, It made a big difference. The soundstage was bigger. It had a much deeper and fuller sound (my wife's exact words). I am very happy I got the RC-64 III now :). To me the amp was well worth the investment. The amp is a very nice add-on if you have the room in your pockets, if your on a budget then definitely put the money elsewhere.
  2. JeffH

    R-112 sw

    Agreed, keep both.
  3. I agree totally with that, it’s more noticeable in some movies then others too I have noticed. I have actually done what you have suggested, boosted even higher tho...maybe too high, I think I had it up by 4 or 5. Thanks for the I advice 🙂
  4. Thanks Bill, K5SS & Derrickfor the replies and advice. I’m definitely happy with the receiver, and an external amp will likely make only a small difference. I never intended to get the RC-64 iii...but I did 🙂...I’m a sucker when it comes to deals/sale for things that I like or want. I pulled the plug on an amp today, I Have to try it out. Amazon.ca had/has some really low prices on Monolith amps. There was an 11 channel that went quickly and then when it came back the price was up by 1000, I managed to snag a 9 channel. It was only $113 more then the 5 channel, so why not! Overkill...yep, ...do I need it... probably not! Who knows what the future holds tho with home theatre, That amp should hopefully be enough for it tho. thanks guys
  5. Thanks Bill, I’m thinking/hoping that It would (might just be giving myself an excuse to buy an amp haha), an amp will definitely not make it worse. I’m quite certain the RC-64 iii is a a better speaker then the rp450C, just not a huge improvement to my ears/room (at the moment). I Have bought it so that’s done. Another thought as to why I’m thinking an amp would help....The rc-64 iii is a sealed speaker, each driver having its own compartment, the 450C is ported (not sure if it’s just the tweeter that is). But with the rc64 iii having larger drivers, being sealed, my AVR that’s driving 9 speakers as is...may not have enough juice to get the depth the r 64 iii is capable of? ... No issues with the highs, sounds quite good to me.
  6. Thanks for replying. Room is 26.5ft long, by 14.5ft wide, 7ft 9inches ceiling height, plus the corner where the bed is which will be future bar/sink/popcorn area. No treatments for room yet. I like to listen fairly loud. I'll turn my AVR up to -10 to -5. Yes speakers are set to small, all crossed over at 80hz.
  7. Hi Everyone, new to the Forums and this is my first post, after re-searching as much as I could on the RC-64iii. I got a case of upgradenitis and just recently upgraded to a RC-64 iii I found on sale from my RP-450C. In doing some A/B comparisons, I'm having a hard time being able to tell the difference between the two speakers when watching movies. The only difference I have really been able to tell (and it was slightly) was when I ran the dialogue on the opening scene on Bumblebee only thru the center channel on each speaker with the cross-over lowered (disconnected the other speakers). I have played around with Audyssey on/off and it still seems the same (watched Youthman do this on one of his videos)...thinking it might help if I had an external amp. I still plan on playing around with it a little more and might try the speakers with music in Stereo and see if it still sounds the same. Maybe I was hoping for a Night/Day difference when there really only is slight/marginal difference between the two speakers. I'm also wondering if the RC-64 iii is underpowered in relation to my room size, thinking if I got a power amp for my front sounds stage if that would open up the RC-64 iii? I like the sound of both speakers a lot, but right now I'm questioning myself if the additional costs were worth it. Thoughts? would an amp help? I have been looking at the Monolith as I live in Canada and can get one for an okay price in comparison to others on the market. This is my first home theatre that I built and just did it back in may 2019. My setup is as per below: 3000 cubic foot room (also has a double door width opening in rear to another large room that I plan on closing in the future by install doors) Denon AVR-4500h 125W/Channel driving 9 speakers minus the (2) Atmos (1) RC-64 iii (2) RP-8000f (2) RP-502S (side surrounds) (2) RP-5000f (rear surrounds) (4) CDT-5800 II Atmos speakers (small external amp driving the back 2) (1) R115SW & (1) SPL150 for the front (2) Polk DSWPro 660s behind my couch If your wondering why the Polks, I had one practically new from a previous house I lived in, and was able to buy another one new on clear-out for like $300 Canadian (which is probably like 100 USD haha). I started with the R115SW and the (1) polk…..saw the sale on the polk...bought it...then I was able to get the SPL150 for a great price, l thinking it should be practically identical to the R115SW with a different amp. Thanks for reading and looking forward to any thoughts / Advice.
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