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  1. Thank you for the replies. Crutch-field replaced the sub and the new one works perfectly. Great, hard hitting bass. I also replaced my old SC-5 center with an R34C. It sounds great as well. My next upgrade (within my budget) is replacing my KG4's with R-820F's. Thats what I can afford.
  2. Hi, I have had my KG4's since the mid eighties and they sound just like the day I bought them. However, as me and my wife I pass thru our sixties, we need some additional room in our main living area. (the KGs simply sound better well away from the wall so that's how we have them situated). We had previously used a Velodyne DSL 3500 8" sub which sounded pretty good, however I recently replaced that with a R112SW which sounds a lot better than really good. 99.9% of our listening is surround sound movie entertainment. My system generally consists of: 75" Qled Samsung TV (about a year old) Yamaha TSR 7850 Receiver (about a year old) I think 110WPC in a 5.1 configuration Klipsch KG4 Floor Standing Fronts - Legacy Loudspeakers (purchased in 1985) they are fantastic. Klipsch Older 8" In Wall Rears which are not the copper style cones, (about six years old) Klipsch R112SW Sub (one week old) Klipsch SC5 Center (about six years old) Originally, I was considering the RP8000F's & R-820F's but they are absolutely too huge. I looked at the Klipsch InWall units, but prefer an uncertain of the sound quality and prefer the flexibility of floor standing or even bookshelf (on stands) units I am now considering the RP-4000F, but I am concerned about the tiny 4" drivers considering the KG4;s use older 8" poly type speakers. The RP400F efficiency is slightly better than my KG4's and it appears the frequency curve is a bit flatter in the mid bass area. The KG4's were a little too chesty sounding in mid bass, and slightly brassy in the mid highs at times. Anyway, please let me know about the rp4000F's or maybe a bookshelf solution with stands? Thank You, Mark Nicholson Former, US Army - EFMB, Combat Medical Specialist 1/94 FA MLRS
  3. Hi everyone, I just purchased a Klipsch Sub (R112SW) from Crutchfield and hooked it up today. This is the email I sent to customer support. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know? Dear customer support, Got my new sub ( order #46550156) yesterday evening and hooked it up this afternoon. I first unhooked my older Velodyne DLS 3500 sub and then connected the new Klipsh R112SW. However, almost no sound emits from the Klipsch sub woofer and the sound that does is buzzing and distorted. The only way to minimize/eliminate the buzzing / distortion is to turn the sub lowpass to the 50/90HZ number and also turn the Level control to minimum. Then of course, the sub is making no audible sound. The Klipsh is connected via the L/LFE (white) connection and Sub Out #1 on the TSR 7850 receiver. I have set my receiver Yamaha TSR 7850 sub woofer output settings to zero (0) DB gain. This is the exact settings I was using for my old Velodyne DLS 3500 sub. I have tried a new cable (monster) RCA sub woofer cable with no improvement. The Klipsch phase switch is set to 0, however I have tried 180 with no improvement. The power switch on the P112SW is set to (Auto), however (On) does not yield improvement. (Stand by) works as expected by turning off the sub. The LED power indicator on the sub is working. The power 110V plug connection appears to be slightly loose in the socket, however the sub is receiving uninterrupted power. All connections are Cable Logic - Sapphire series (HDMI) & Monster - Silver Advanced series (RCA). My wife and I only listen to audio from cable TV and surround sound movies. Only on very rare occasions do we listen to music. My system generally consists of: 75" Qled Samsung TV (about a year old) Yamaha TSR 7850 Receiver (about a year old) Klipsch KG4 Floor Standing Fronts - Legacy Loudspeakers (purchased in 1985 +/-) they are fantastic. Klipsch SC5 Center (about 5 years old) Klipsch Pro18RW In Wall Rears (about a year old) Klipsch R112SW Sub (one day old) which appears to be defective? Velodyne DSL 3500 8" sub (no longer used in main living room due to larger / newer replacement Klipsch unit). The Velodyne DSL 3500 is now used on our office PC surround system. (at least 7 years old) Our other PC workstation has the Klipsch THX Promedia 2.1 speakers. (The pro media THX speakers are ridiculously great sounding). Please let me know what I can do to resolve this problem? Thank You Mark Nicholson Former, US Army - EFMB, Combat Medical Specialist 1/94 FA MLRS
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