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  1. I recently got an incredible deal from Good Guys. I took advantage of an error in one of their ads for the rf3II system and the denon 3802. Originally this system was selling for $2799 before taxes. In their ad, they listed it with the denon 1600 dvd player which wasn't supposed to be there. When I brought this up to the manager(after much arguing) he agreed to throw it in the package for free($499 value)! On top of that, I also got 10% off for buying a package over $999 and 12 months no payments or interest! They also threw in 3 year warranties for the denons because of the trouble I went through. total price: $2800. This is the system I recommend as the sound is insanely good. The only thing I need now is more surrounds to take advantage of the extra amplifiers that the Denon gives you. If only my wife was more understanding!--JB
  2. Thanks for the responses. Boa, I went to the monster cable website to check on the products, and your cable was supposed to come with the splitter. Unfortunately mine was not. No big deal however, 'cause I can go pick one up easily enough. ---JB
  3. Anybody use a y connector at the sub on the ksw12? I'm using just a monsterbass 300 from my amp (denon 3802) to the LFE input of the sub. The level is all the way up and the crossover is set to 120hz(80hz on the denon), front speakers set to small. The sound in movies is incredible, music is pretty good also but I was just wondering, if I added the splitter, what difference would it make? Thanks, JB
  4. Thanks for the responses, I'm going to hook them up right away. Any favorite DVD audio disks to suggest? JB
  5. I recently purchased a Denon 3802 with a Denon 1600 dvd player to use with my rf3II system and was wondering which setup is better, the optical out of the 1600 or the 5.1 ch out to the ext in of the 3802, or both? I currently use the optical out and was wondering if there was any advantage to hooking up the 5.1 ch out. Appreciate any advice, thanks--JB
  6. I hooked my system up with some RCA 14 ga wire I bought from Home depot for about $35 for a hundred ft. I did biwire the center and mains. The sound is amazing! Even without any tweaking, the Eagles "When hell freezes over" sounds just like you're at the concert in 7ch stereo. I still need to do some configuring on the DVD player and the receiver, but I just ran out of time. Thanks for all the advice! JB
  7. Danny & Dougdrake, Thanks for the input! I need all the advice I can get as this system is a huge upgrade from my old HTIB pro logic system. Hopefully I'll have my system up and running this weekend. Thanks Again, JB
  8. I just recently bought the complete ref. 3II system with a ksw 12, Denon 3802 and a Denon 1600 dvd player. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on what speaker wire to use as there are many choices out there. Biwire or not to biwire? My room is about 16x14 and my right main will have to go under/over a doorway. I'm on a tight budget, but I know I need quality wire and inter-connects for this system. S-video or compsite? (I'm going to upgrade my TV next year for componet). Thanks, JB This message has been edited by jburkhardt on 05-23-2002 at 04:10 AM
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