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  1. Hi fine folks! Happy to share tracking info for those getting anxious but confirming I'm monitoring and seeing a lot of books landing between Dec 4 and 5th, regardless of proximity to Alabama Domestic orders of single books are USPS Media Mail, FedEx for 2 or more books. International orders are mostly FedEx 2 days with the exception of Asia + Oceania. Trust me, we strategized on these ship rates enough to become the confused math lady meme but we got there in the end! To those who didn't get a chance to order via Kickstarter, please email @Travis In Austin as the Museum has some copies to allocate. If you are feeling nervous about delivery, please reach out to hi@loveinjection.nyc and we'll get you sorted with a tracking link. Love the beautiful photos of your setup at home with the book. Keep em coming! Thank you for appreciating the book, we are elated that you're finding it beautiful. It was our intention that it be a representation of the craftsmanship and quality of the speakers we love so much. Best, B+P
  2. Hi gang! First of all, big thank you to @Travis In Austin for keeping this thread updated with the play by play. We didn't realize how much work would be to manage updates on Kickstarter, Instagram, Facebook, via private message and email, so it is extra appreciated that Travis took the time to relay these here as... let's just say, sh*t got hectic. Secondly, some of you may have received the books yesterday and some will arrive this week. Needless to say, we are very excited to have learned some of you already received it (seen on our Instagram story 'highlights'). Rest assured if we got your address, you will get yours. If for some reason you'd like a tracking number, we'd be happy to provide it. Just send us an email at hi [at] loveinjection.nyc and we'll get back to you. I know it's a suspect email lol but hey, it's 2023 and that's our brand and it's too late to turn back now LOL. I encourage everyone who received it to post their photos on here I'd start at the beginning and read the essays and layout notices, which were all thoughtfully crafted. Happy holiday season! Enjoy 🪐 B&P
  3. Greetings y'all! Another campaign update has landed. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveinjectionnyc/the-dope-from-hope-book/posts/3787857 We are nearly finished with the essays, which have grown to four total! An additional two from our original outline. We are also simultaneously working on layout and would comfortably say we’re about 50% done. The bulk of our design ideation has to do with organizing information, particularly any duplicate editions and corrections, so they can be easily understood. Timing-wise, we are targeting shipping to print in early May, which will shift our projected ship date but nonetheless will come this summer. Once we ship the file print, we'll provide a more exact date for when the books will be on their way to you. To those who need to change your shipping address, you can still do so via the survey on your Kickstarter profile. We’ll be back with more updates in the next 2 weeks! Thank you for your support.
  4. I believe Travis has answered to this also, just noting that we worked with the museum on the project, and that includes a donation to them as well!
  5. For those who kept the Love Injection playlist in heavy rotation, it's a new month so we're updating it with new selections. Not to worry, as we replicated the original Klipsch Jams and they now live at these links: Apple Music Spotify The March edition of Love Injection In Rotation will be announced on Monday, but you can listen now—eclectic selections from our show on The Lot Radio, a lil tribute to the most recently departed giant Wayne Shorter and long awaited, newest arrival to streaming platforms, De La Soul. Apple Music Spotify Wanted to make sure we didn't totally do away with the playlist! Alright carrying on.
  6. should have mentioned that the playlist gets refreshed monthly but the radio mixes go back 7 years. our show is weekly 10am-12pm ET at www.thelotradio.com and all are archived here: https://loveinjection.nyc/radio big love thanks for listening
  7. aw thank you! we refresh the playlist monthly but may just save this one and shoot y'all the link so you can go back to it. new set of selections should be coming in a week!
  8. No mix beyond the playlist, at least that's Klipsch jams focused -- also in apple music here
  9. Thanks @Cheriecastellon for your enthusiastic support! 🥰
  10. @Klipschguy thank you so much for your support! And everybody that pledged, really. The nature of crowdfunding really shows how we can all come together and join forces for a common cause, so we all are part of this success story. And yes! The future needs to know. Thanks so much, Andy.
  11. @artto if you have Instagram, please let us know and we'll tag you. This is all you. https://www.instagram.com/p/CpA-cpauZh_/
  12. THIS HAS TO BE THE FUNNIEST PWK IMAGE YET! Yes! We made the goal, which means the project gets made! Woo hoo. For those who haven't placed their order yet, there's 6 days to go. Ends March 2nd at 12AM Eastern.
  13. @Klipschguy just making sure you saw this
  14. Also surprised at the late arrivals but there's still thankfully 6 days left. for those who can't seem to get it to work, have you tried this link? see below @the real Duke Spinner https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveinjectionnyc/the-dope-from-hope-book @babadono in this case, yes. because while we would have loved to have the funds upfront to publish the book, that wasn't possible. so we had to turn to crowdfunding instead to help us get enough preorders via Kickstarter to get the book made. hope this explains why! Thanks everyone for your support! Especially to those folks at the Museum who opened the doors to their archives and gave us the blessing to make this project happen!!!
  15. loving this enthusiasm! thanks @Jive talkin for ordering!
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