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  1. I purchased the RM-41 three weeks ago along with a Yamaha RX-V485 receiver. I had an old Klipsch sub laying around, added that and I am very happy. As dtel stated you will want to add a subwoofer. I purchased two more RM-41’s for rears. I have a family room 12 x 20 and the sound fills the room. I think you will be happy with these. They do require some break in time, anywhere from20-40 hours. They are a little short on bass, thus the need for the subwoofer. Good Luck.
  2. There are a lot of envious readers. Hope there isn’t too much payback.
  3. I purchased the same exact package at Costco and returned them because I didn’t like the sound. Subsequently I found out that passive speakers require a break in period. I have seen anywhere from 20 to 100 hours. Customer service via email is running 14 days so better to call. Have you tried placing the center at RF or LF? That might tell you if the speaker is bad. Accordingly, try the left front in the center and see if the sound is better. If not, it could be a receiver issue. Good Luck
  4. Thanks Polizzio for the reply. I forgot to give additional info on my original post. I also purchased a Yamaha RXV485 receiver and I have a Klipsch KSW-10 subwoofer that is probably 20 years old. I used the subwoofer for my old Acoustimas 7 set-up in the “man cave”. I ran the YPAO and the sub is working. I had my 41’s set to small with a crossover at 80 as you recommended. So far, I am happy with the speakers. Due to age and hearing loss, I would like to get a little more midrange out of the fronts, but not quite sure how to do it. Thanks for your reply, help, and recommendation.
  5. I am new to Klipsch after my Bose System 38 went to the curb. I have purchased four R-41Ms for use as front and rears and I am looking for a center. I am limited to 6-1/2” in height and the only speaker I have found is the RC-42 II. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.
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