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  1. Thanks! I'm going to PM you tonight or tomorrow and will be physically starting the build this week.
  2. Okay, I guess I'll dip my toe in the water. Chris, I've been reading your stuff for several years and the positive reports on your MEH are encouraging. I'm a musician who loves to build things so my theoretical engineering knowledge gets me into headache territory quickly. Anyway, a friend wants me to build him something like an SH64 which gives me the final push to actually build my own pair of "something" Unityish. So, I'm thinking the SyntripP since it's so documented. But then I see the additional pages on the 402 MEH thread since I last checked and you have a SynergyCalc design posted! So, has anyone built the design you posted? I'm thinking about trying it. I'm looking for something down to about 90hz (crossing to a TH or FLH). I have the Eminence TexTreme CD's on hand so crossing around ~650-750hz. I like the simple idea of sealed vs BR using bigger drivers. I would like the output for P.A. use but not rule out home (shop) use. Can your spreadsheet design work? Crossing so high (650-750hz) would 15" drivers still work? LaVoce makes some nice 12"s. Or since I don't need below 90hz or so could I use 4 8" drivers? How far down the horn to cut holes for 650hz? I've tried to work with David Bean's program and I always seem to mess something up.... Also, the throat on the spread sheet appears to be 1" but the CD is 1.4". Any input would be greatly appreciated. I can build things well but the engineering gets too deep after the first couple of words.
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