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  1. Thanks Guys! Have been hearing about NAD and Cambridge, but I didn't notice any at my local dealer. Rockhound - I am looking at integrated amps for now. Eventually Id like to step up to a solid amp/pre configuration. I ended up going with the Rotel. I like it so far. The phono stage is much like my old Technics in that is comes out loud but with less noise (which was the problem with the Audiolab, way too quiet and noisy). The 60w per on the Rotel drive the H3s well. I like the option of having tone controls and the bypass function. Its a silly thing but one thing I didn't like about the Marantz was the Volume knob. It had a springy feel like where id adjust the volume just a hair but it would sort of bounce back and change the volume again. And I know that would drive me Knuts! Rotel has a nice digital number to number easy to adjust in super small increments for when I'm up late listening and the wife is asleep.... and Im always up late.
  2. Hey all, I have a pair of H3s and have been using my old Techics SU-Z760 amp. It worked well for a while but its on its way out. I can't find the exact specs on it but I think its 110w per channel? (by reading the meter on the front display). Regardless, it was pretty powerful. I bought an Audio Lab 8300a (manufacture refurb) so the price was low. liked the specs and read good reviews but didn't like the amp. The phono amp was WAY under powered, I had the amp 3clicks from max and it was barley loud, but my iPad plugged into AUX1 was plenty loud at 75w/ch. Also the amp sent "pops" through the speakers when switching sources.....lacked bottom end (no tone controls) etc..... so Im sending if back.. Anyway went to my local HiFi dealer to hear some amps. Narrowed down to 3. Trying to stay around $600-$800 For now and eventually save for something much more high end. And likely buy a good Phono stage to supplement this current purchase. Choosing between Rotel A12 $799 Marantz PM6006 $550 Arcam SA20 $1199 .....higher then i wanted to go but was highly suggested... I A,B,Cd the 3 amps on some Klipsch tower speakers, not sure which ones exactly, they didn't have any Heritage Line in this room with these level amps... Honestly going back and fourth in a room thats not mine on speakers I'm not used to its hard to tell a big difference from the 3. The Arcam seemed to have a slightly better sound stage and separation then the other two and maybe better mids... but no tone controls on the Arcam. So after listening to the Rotel and Marantz flat or tone bipassed then adjusted I think I might lean toward the Rotel or Marantz. Whatever the Arcam had didn't seem $400+ better to justify. And I may be able to get the price down a little on the Rotel. Does any one have any opinions on any of these amps, one over another? I listen to mostly rock. Classic, new, some modern Jazz/experimental. Definitely not a classical or mostly acoustic listener.
  3. Hey all! Im new to the forum and a new Klipsch owner and new to Hifi in general.. just starting to build my system. Im interested to know what "improved bass" means regarding the H4s? I recently bought a set of new B-stock H3s (and I love em). I then bought an old set of kg4s to put in a spare room, but when I heard the difference between them, mainly the high end clarity, I sought out some old used H1s. I have now compared the H1s to the H3s... As Far as bass, The H3s have plenty. Dare I say probably more then need vs high end. The H1 has very clear low end but not nearly as loud or present. But the H1 seemed to have more highs. Its hard to say which pair I like better... I almost thought about running one H3 with one H1 as pair...but visually and just out of principle.... If improved means more focused or clear, Id say yes, thats desirable. But if its sounding louder Id say its not necessary.. or at least not for me to feel the need to trade up. And of course, a pleasing sound is so very subjective...
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