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  1. Thanks Guys. Currently, I’m powering them with a McIntosh MC2100 power amp and C26 preamp. I also have an MC240 and MX110 that I can be put into place. For the most part I play vinyl and CD. I guess my biggest question is how far away from the back wall should the speakers be set? At the moment, they’re about 15” offset from the back wall and toed in about 25 degrees. My listening chair is about 7’-10’ away from the speakers. Each speaker is equal distance from one another and the chair. However, the space lacks carpet. Is that essential? Also, Placing the speakers 2’ - 10’ from the back wall seems excessive. Can you elaborate?
  2. Hello All, I’m new to the forum and recently purchased my first pair of Klipsch speakers from Paducah Home Theatre. Thanks for taking such great care of me Cory!! For my first set of speakers since the 1980’s I decided on the Heritage Series, Forte III’s. And I’m quite happy with the investment. These are some of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and they also look the part. Does anyone care to share their expertise on speaker placement for optimal listening sessions? Currently, I have them set up in an area of my basement about 15’ x 10’, with 7’ drywall ceilings. Any input is appreciated.
  3. Hello, my name is Clint and I’m new to the group. I’m looking to purchase the Klipsch Forte III. Can anyone give me some insight on these speakers? I was referred to this forum by Bob Neil out of Michigan.
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