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  1. There is a company in a FB group I am in that has had them in the past and they have the matching subwoofers instock I believe... its called Paducah Home Theater
  2. Picked up a Marantz today for $40!! I ended up taking the top off and used compressed air & removed 30+ years of dust bunnies. The pots need to be deoxited bad but wow did it wake up the Cornwalls! Only two of the lights work when it's powered up. I will probably upgrade the lights to LED's and clean up the face when I have it off. It needs a good exterior wipe down and I need to find a wood enclosure for it. I am still on the hunt for a receiver to trade up to but I feel like I won the lottery again today.
  3. Before I felt like I was listening to music in a fish bowl... everything kind of blended together. Everything seems more defined now but I am glad I did it. I found that one of the caps in the 2nd speaker started leaking & the wires had an oily residue on them. I cleaned up everything with some alcohol wipes and installed the two other sonicaps also.
  4. I will keep that in mind... I actually have been looking at the older Harman's lately. A good friend of mine traded the SX-636 and SX-990 for a newer(late 90's early 2000's) Klipsch 15" subwoofer that I had that the cabinet came unglued. Both Pioneers need to be restored and cleaned up so it was a fair trade considering how much older Pioneers are going for these days. Also replaced the caps today in one speaker... 🤘🤘
  5. Thanks for the info HDBRbuilder! Since they are originally black I am going to leave them period correct. I purchased Sonicaps to replace the old caps in the Type B crossovers and they came Friday afternoon. I plan on replacing them tomorrow on my lunch break at work. I also have a friend of mine recapping the Pioneer SX-636(on the left in the picture) that is going to eventually power these. The Wife and I are in the middle of remodeling half our house so its going to be a little while before the speakers are setup correctly in our home. I plan on enjoying them hooked up to a turntable and bluetooth listening until I find a good deal on La Scala's.
  6. I picked these Klipsch Cornwalls up recently and I am hoping to get some information on the speakers themselves. The ID tags on the back say they are Type CD and the serial #'s are 9P303 and 9P304. I know CD stands for Cornwall Decorator but the black looks to be factory painted to me. When you take the black off you can see that some of the pieces looked to be painted pre-assembly. Could you order Decorators back in 76' and have the factory paint them? The top left of the speaker is also stamped 'OD' on both of them. I believe the grills are aftermarket since I haven't seen a single set of Cornwalls with them. If they are factory black I want to leave them original but if they are not I have been thinking about sanding them down and staining them. Thanks for your time!
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