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  1. Almost brand new V36 IPAL from power sound audio. Purchased last year and has been used normally. In perfect working condition and I’m more than willing to show you demos of its capabilities before final sale. This item is no longer sold by Power Sound Audio.. The closest sub they make to this now is the PSA TV36 IPAL which is $3800 which is the same sub, but with a downward facing vent and is tuned lower. Located in the Kitsap County area of Washington State. Let me know if you have any questions! $3000
  2. Wow! that clears up a lot of my pondering! Its hard to find people who have heard both of them, thanks a lot! Well hey, if your interested in my sub, let me know
  3. But of course you could put the bass bins of the KPT942 on its side haha. *Thinking out loud*
  4. Hmmmm that's what I have been thinking. Have you heard the KPT-904s to verify this theory though? And the KPT-942 has the biggest horns of them all, but is probably a bit too tall and the disconnect between the bass bins and the horn will be more noticeable.
  5. Wow that is great to know! I am very jealous! What keeps me up at night though is the comparison of the KPT-904 to the 4722N. On paper they are similar in price and performance.
  6. Are those the JBL 4722Ns in your profile pic? I plan on getting a pair of those or KPT-904s after I sell this sub.
  7. Those are indeed KPT-396s and they sound absolutely amazing. Voices are incredible. They are designed out of the box to run with a subwoofer however, but with some EQ you can get tons of bass out of them. And I wanted to take a look at the drivers to show proof this sub is using the legendary IPALs.
  8. Almost brand new V36 IPAL from power sound audio. Purchased last year and has been used weekly. In perfect working condition and I’m more than willing to show you demos of its capabilities before final sale. You will need an appliance dolly to move. $3000. Residing in Port Orchard, Washington State.
  9. I actually just recently upgraded my PSA order to the V36 IPAL. Those IPALs are the best 18 inch drivers you can get anywhere, so I am sure I will be happy. It will take 3 weeks to ship due to all the back orders. I will post pictures once it gets here.
  10. I ended up buying the PSA V3612. In my opinion, the price is impossible to beat, especially with free shipping. Those 18 inch drivers are highly sensitive pro neo drivers from B&C, and you get a nice ICEpower amp to go with them. It will be FAR more than enough bass for the cabin I live in. I will get another one in the future if I move to a bigger place. Thank you everybody for your wonderful input! I will post pictures when the subwoofer gets here.
  11. Yes, brand new with everything. I do not know if thats with the crossover network or not. I am assuming it is.
  12. The KI-396 is $3200 and the KPT-904 is $3700 per pairs.
  13. So I ended up getting a pair of KI-396s from Paducah Home Theater, and I could not be happier! I believe I made an excellent choice. They have incredibly high fidelity an are crystal clear no matter how high you crank them. Whats also great is they are an all in one speaker with metal grills, so I dont have an exposed external horn and woofers that the cat and tear up, and I can just plug them straight into my av receiver. They do need a subwoofer to reach their full potential though. I want a good movie subwoofer that can keep up with these things. Im currently looking at the JTR Captivator 4000ULF-TL, PSA V36 IPAL, or maybe even build myself a GSG Devastator with a Speakerpower rack amp. IF you guys have any thoughts on these subwoofers, please let me know! OR, if you have another big subwoofer I should defiantly take a look at, please let me know! I plan on getting 2 subwoofers later on, but im just going to start with one for now. Thanks guys!
  14. I am planning on purchasing a pair of KI-396 for about $1600 each because I want a speaker that can put out tons and tons of power in a relatively small package. The 396 seems to fit the bill, however I keep looking at the JTR 212HT as well. I know the 212HT is super high quality and will also sound very god, but is $1900 each and does not have as good of a horn and probably has an equal CD for the highs. What are your guy's thoughts on the comparison between these two speakers, and is there another speaker I should consider under $2000 that can also compete with these ones?
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