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  1. Selling these to pay for another pair of midhorns in my Corscala project 300$ These are new in box
  2. If you have some extra k33 woofer and would like to sell please reach out. Thanks, lucas
  3. see Craigslist link https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/stillwater-klipschorns-horns-refurbished/7266859494.html Restored/Refurbished Klipschorns For those interested in the reading here is what I have done to these old dying speakers brought to the brink of death by a fire. 1989-Klipschorns The speakers were fully cleaned with wood cleaner and simple green to remove the smoke gunk. Once everything was cleaned up I attempted to save the original raw birth by sanding and using a walnut stain, but I was not happy with the looks and decided to go all out. The units were fully sanded down and all chips sealed with wood filler, I was not a fan of the no collar speakers so decided to add a collar which ended up being a lot of extra woodwork and veneer than expected. Once the speakers were fully prepped it was time to get the Rosewood Veneer laid out and book matched for each speaker, I ended up using 2 full 48x96" sheets of veneer that cost around 400$ alone. I made sure the main front veneer lined up with the top hat veneer to keep them streamlined. Once the veneer process was complete it was time to work on getting the crossovers built up. I used a local Tech to build be up some premium crossovers using original parts mixed with the updated capacitors and solid Walnut slabs and were finished with 12/14 gauge speakers wires with banana plugs. Now that they are look pretty up front it was time to make the backs look nice, I used a premium black paint and hand brushed every surface not covered with veneer, I think this really makes the speakers come together. Speaker have now been painted and veneered it was time to get the components lined up. I reused the bass woofer as they look as good as the day they were originally assembled into the bins. The midhorns lens are brand new with k-55m drivers, the tweeters are the k-77 with new crites diaphragms. With the addition of the collar section I needed to assemble these 3 times to ensure all of the old and new holes lined up for installation. The original Kane grills were ugly so I decided to move to black cloth instead. Which brings me to the most tedious part of the build, the upholstery, it literally took me 2 weeks to pull all the 1000a of old staples from the frames and install and stretch the new fabric (many blisters). The fabric used is the same fabric used on the new Klipschorn Speakers. Now we are nearing the end of the build and these are really coming together, I finished the speakers with hand rubbed Teak oil (3 coats) as to preserve the original look of the Rosewood, lots of satisfaction to get to finally see these speakers shine after 2 months of building. The final nail in the project was to add some bling, for this I purchased replica Bronze Klipsch Badges and have the original banner ones as well. Time to hook them up and listen, I used a 50 watt Sansui au-999 as the tester unit first and WOW, these are as great as everyone says and maybe better, I did not expect there to be so much clear bass as my La Scala lacked in this field. Next I hooked up a Sansui G7000 and turned them UP "ring ring" its my neighbor calling me to say all the dogs are barking and here house is shaking, it the first time in 2 years she has asked me to turn the music down haa. I'm sure there are things I missed but all in all it was fun and the outcome is def work the time. I have ~3000$ into these speakers and & 70+ hours of work.
  4. I am located in Minnestoa and would pay all shipping costs. Hey friends I have committed to restoring an old pair of K horns and need the k-400 midhorn and driver out of a pair of la scala or k-horns. I would also be interested in a pair of crossover and k-77 tweeters. I am working on budget so cant pay ebay prices but am willing to pair a fair price. I appreciate anyone who is able to help me out. I have lots of vintage receivers (sansui/Pioneer/ Marantz) I would be able to possible deal with also.. Thanks, Lucas
  5. Can someone smarter than me help me to determine what model ALK crossovers these are? I have had no luck finding them online. They came with the La Scala I purchases.
  6. I am looking for 2 la scala tweeters and 2 midrange drivers along with the horns.
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