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  1. Very interesting point Larry. I will check and advise of driver, mid range and tweeter types and #’s and also send some pics as requested by HanksJim1 MacMan
  2. Yep. Pretty technical.....let me reword it as consecutive serial #’s. Thanks for the info. though They all very well could and likely were sold as singles, however to purchase these 60 years after manufacture date and from 2 different people, over a year apart of me purchasing and some 400 miles apart was in mind truly amazing that they were consecutive serial #’s Thanks again for your information wuzzer Cheers,
  3. Away at work. Will send some pics in next day or so I would think that matching serial #’s would add to value as well? Not that I am interested in selling them but was more curious as to the value Pics to follow......
  4. Thanks Budman using them as rears and 1972 khorns for fronts. Chorus I for sides Quite remarkable that these 1957 khorns were obtained separately hundreds of miles apart and they ended up being matching serial #’s
  5. I am in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦. Yes and the sound Sick!!
  6. I have a pair of 1957 khorns that have matching serial # 1182 and 1183. For there age I would rate them as very good with minor blemish here and there (odd scratch and veneer stripping off the corners of bottom trim) sonically they sound very good Is there a lot of value since they are matching #’s Thanks MacMan
  7. Hi LeeBruce, There is a great Canadian site that also lists USA sales. It’s called Canuck Audio Mart , or we call it (CAM) At the very bottom there is another set of listings which is USA sales On the side bar you can click advanced search and type in specific gear you are looking for etc. Easy site to navigate and lots of stuff Hope that helps MacMan
  8. Hi LeeBruce They are amazing for there age. I love vintage stuff. I am using them as rears. My 1972 khorns as my fronts and Chorus I for sides Love the wooden horns. Beautiful stuff. PWK was one brilliant man!!! MC2255 MC2505 C34V MVP881br MPI-4 MR78 MR80 Have MC502, C504, MR500 and MCD7007 with kg’2 at cottage Macman
  9. Hi all, see my post above.........thought you all would like the matching # story Not sure if you guys viewed it as I guess they hold back your first post for a period
  10. Hello, Been a member for a few years but seldom write. Thought I would share storey. My brother and I are big Klipsch and McIntosh attics and live in Ontario Canada. He bought a khorn in Parry Sound Ontario about 3-4 years ago and is in very good condition. I found a khorn on an auction site 2 years ago in London Ontario. I won the khorn and drove the 4 hrs to pick it up when I got it home and cleaned up etc., it was built in 1957, serial #1183 I called my brother to inquire about buying his to pair them up which would give me 2 pair of khorns. Brother agreed and I asked some details about the speaker Well low and behold it also is a 1957 and get this.....serial #1182!!!!!!!! Matching serial #’s from 1957, bought some 60 years after manufacture and found separated by an 8 hour drive Kinda cool Regards, MacMan
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