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  1. I want to know so badly because I want to use it in a project at once, I tried carnyx and I couldn't find it anyway.
  2. Maybe I'll show you what it sounds like in higher quality, but I don't have the file now, and I will post it whenever I feel like it, so please hang in there, because it may take some time, just keep checking your notifications everyday so you don't miss any replies, I don't know when I'll reply, but I will at some point, just so that you're aware, I am new here and stuff on this website/company aren't entirely my thing, trying to figure out what kind of horn sound this has to be is all I came here for, because I don't know what it is and nearly every sound effect search engine I used didn't find me the exact sound I'm looking for, even if there were results, and when I described the sound, my search criteria gave me b***dy irrelevant results and I ended up f**king p***ed and felt g*****n weak, I don't appreciate being humiliated by my own s**tting computer, it gets on my f**king nerves. BTW sorry about my language, I'm just impatient, good job it's censored.
  3. More than a month ago and still, only someone has replied and nobody else, I just simply can't figure out what kind of horn that is, I'm trying as hard as I can and no one cares, somebody at least help me find out what kind of horn that really is instead of sitting back and watching me suffer, we can do this until we pass out.
  4. I've been trying to find this sound effect on the internet all day, but I can't find it anywhere and I don't know what it's called, so can anyone tell me what this type of horn is called? Recording.m4a
  5. I have tried what you have said and I couldn't find that sound anywhere, I haven't tried every website, but there's barely any point, I will not rest until that sound has been identified properly, who should I ask about that sound? Either I find out what the sound is called, or I can't make my project, I've shown you what it really sounds like, now someone needs to tell me.
  6. Right, I'll record the sound I'm looking for to show you what it sounds like (if I have chance).
  7. I tried looking that up, but I couldn't exactly find the one I'm really looking for, there were lots of results, but the one I was looking for wasn't there, and in some cases, Sound Bible uses the old website layout, I reload the page, but it doesn't revert to the proper website layout.
  8. Then can you tell me what the sound effect I'm looking for is called?
  9. It's not a theme song, it's a type of horn sound effect, I'm trying to use it in a project, but can't find the sound.
  10. No, it doesn't come with a sleeveless shirt and a banjo, I first heard the sound from a kiddy bike when I was little and I want to use that sound in an animation, but because I don't know the sound's type name, I can't find it anywhere on the internet, so I can't make that animation. I tried (nearly) everything in the book, but it's no good, I've come to this forum so that anyone can help me identify and figure out the name of the horn type that I'm looking for. Remember, it has five blasts and it goes 'Duh-daaaaaaaaaa! Duh-daaaaaaaaaa! Duh-daaaa duh-daaaa duh-daaaaaaaaaa!'.
  11. I'm looking for a certain horn sound with little success, I know what it sounds like, but I don't know what sort of horn it is. It's a five-blast horn and it goes something like this: Duh-daaaaaaaaaa! Duh-daaaaaaaaaa! Duh-daaaa duh-daaaa duh-daaaaaaaaaa!
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