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  1. My refurbished 1948 Klipschorn was initially advertised on eBay as a BuyItNow item priced at $15,000 obo. That ad was cancelled yesterday and a new Auction ad was posted. The starting bid of $1,500 has already been entered. Thanks for looking and allowing me to post about it on the Klipsch Community. Thanks to the Klipsch Historian too, for filling me in on its history, I really appreciate that. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264817431842
  2. My refurbished 1948 Klipschorn was initially advertised on eBay as a BuyItNow item priced at $15,000 obo. That ad was cancelled yesterday and a new Auction ad was posted. The starting bid was $1,500 which has already been entered. Thanks for looking and allowing me to post about it on the Klipsch Commubnity. Thanks to the Klipsch Historian too, for filling me in on its history, I really appreciate that. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264817431842
  3. The '48 Klipschorn was posted on eBay today. And a video was posted on YouTube, if you'd like to take a look just click the play button on the image. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264785557795
  4. Thanks, yes, I'm told it was the 20th Khorn that was built in the factory and the 41st overall. I would keep it if I didn't need the money but it will soon be listed on eBay as a BuyItNow obo item, haven't yet decided on the price but it will be high. If I don't get a good offer after a few weeks I will list it as an auction item.
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys much appreciated. The refurbished 48 K-horn is finished, I rolled it outside and recorded some video yesterday, it will be posted on YouTube soon.
  6. This is what the 48 Khorn looks like after restoration. The veneers are African Mahogany and Maple.
  7. Almost done with the restoration. Pulled the Magnavox woofer yesterday, DCR is 8.4 (which match the pencil notation written on the magnet exactly). Tested it just now and it sounded great, loud and clear. I had thought about replacing it with a Jensen PWK woofer but I chaged my mind after testing and cleaning it up a bit. Will remove rust from the ALNICO magnet with Naval Jelly, was able to remove most of the corrosion with a flexible sanding sponge. Will be posting the 48 Klipschorn on eBay sometime next week.
  8. I am now in the process of restoring the 1948 Klipschorn - pre-finished panels of African Mahogany with Maple veneered edges. It was so beat up and ugly I had to do it, couldn't help myself.
  9. Cool, thanks for the photos khorn51, that horn looks very interesting! Apparently it's bolted to brackets attached to the corner walls. Thanks for your take on the Magnavox woofer JRH (it sure is an ugly beast). I like the look of the Stephens Tru-Sonic P-52L that's in one of my 50's vintage K-horns
  10. The front side of the driver is very similar to the K 55 V, pretty sure it's an Atlas.
  11. Curious about the K 55 in the attached photo. Most K 55s have a dome-like appearance, this one is different, looks more like a cannister. Is it an earlier version, perhaps the first version ? Thanks in advance.
  12. triceratops, sorry my mistake, the Jensen 15" was priced at $200 from the beginning, don't know why I posted here that it was priced it at $100. Anyhow, I think $200 is a reasonable starting price for such a seldom-found speaker.
  13. By the way, a forum member private messaged me on eBay and told me that photos of the drivers connected to a multimeter should always be displayed on eBay ads. All my auction ads for speakers do include photos with a multimeters connected. Please scroll through the photos and you will see the images.
  14. Thanks, Frzninvt, all the best to you too. I stripped the drivers from a Heresy because the cabinet was damaged beyond repair, all the other Klipsch drivers were loose when I bought them except for the Altas K-55 V which was the mid driver in my 1948 Klipschorn, and the K-77 tweeter. Those drivers will be sold with the '48 Khorn. The four 50's vintage Khorns in my basement still possess all their original drivers. As far as the morals off stripping drivers from old cabinets ? I've done that before and don't think there's anything wrong with it. If I were wealthy I'd own a big mansion which would be full of vintage gear, all in museum quality condition. I have a friend who's like that, but I am not wealthy, not even close. Have a pleasant day, please stay safe.
  15. Here's a photo of the Magnavox woofer and the tag on the magnet assembly.
  16. khorn51, thanks very much ! You have a 1947 ? What date ? Is it a pre-factory Baldwin ? I thought my Khorn was the oldest one out there except for one of the Baldwins and the prototype. Anyhow, I feel very lucky to have found that '48 Khorn, got it at a garage sale in San Francisco. Your Khorn with fabric over raw plywood confirms my suspicion. Any photos ?
  17. I would rather avoid PayPal and eBay fees but I posted those items before I joined the forum. Any member who wants to bid or make a private offer on any of my items on eBay is more than welcome to do so. Will sell cancel auctions and sell privately if the price is right. I will be posting more items on eBay soon but none of them is Klipsch related... unless you count EV branded items. I do have two empty Canadian Vitavox K-horn cabinets, one is a nice furniture style w/ honey colored Maple veneer, the other is a utility box with a furniture finish 'shroud' (it looks sort of similar to the UK Vitavox K-horn) if anyone is interested. No Vitavox horns or drivers though. I also have four 50's vintage K-horns with their original drivers, horns and networks, one is a utility cabinet, the others are finished but a bit rough. Have Stephens and Electrovoice woofers. I have a Jensen P15LL Klipsch spec woofer posted on eBay right now starting at $100.00.
  18. Unfortunately the only original driver is the 15" PM Magnavox woofer. The tweeter was a K-77 / EV T-35 and the mid driver was an Atlas K-55-V which I still have (the K-55-V is on auction at the moment on eBay along with lots of other stuff, I'm cleaning out the basement). There's a tag on the woofer, I tried to post an image but failed because of the "max total size 2 MB" limit. I reduced the image size but still no go. The tag reads: Sample No. 15-606 Model No. 15F3236 Field PM Cone HL Resonance 45 C.P.S. Voice Coil D.C. 9.3 Ohms The Magnavox Co.
  19. JRH, thanks very much for that information, very interesting and I am happy to know my K-horn may be the 3rd oldest in existence. Makes sense that the squawker horn was a later upgrade. The woofer might be original, it is a 15" Magnavox of all things with a cheap looking unpainted stamped frame. Perhaps the Magnavox woofer replaced a higher quality woofer like a Stephens Tru-Sonic ? I do have a very nice early Tru Sonic woofer I could replace it with. Do you have any idea why the front of the bass horn is unfinished plywood ? Might it have been covered in fabric (by the customer or by Klipsch) that extended backwards to cover the bass horn's dual 'mouths' ? Perhaps the plastic bug screen would have been covered by matching fabric. Also, did Style 6 Klipschorns all have built in 'corners' ?
  20. I have some auction ads posted on eBay for some miscellaneous Klipsch parts. I will be posting more auctions today and next week including all the components from a Klipsch Heresy. In a week or two I will be posting an eBay auction ad for a 1948 Klipschorn, SN 141. I also have two Canadian Vitavox K-horn cabinets (both are stripped, no components) and four 50s vintage Klipschorns (one is a utility version) which do have all their drivers, horns and crossovers at my house in San Francisco. Bay Area residents who might be interested in purchasing these items are welcome to see them any time. I am willing and able to ship the K-horns and Vitavox K-horns to any address worldwide. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264718623211
  21. Soon I will be posting an auction ad on eBay for the 41st Klipschorn made, SN 141 built 21 August, 1948. Before the ad is posted I want to gather any information any members might have on this Klipsch Sound Reproducer Type K-3-C. It was a 'special' order' custom build. It's different, has an unusual top section that's not mounted, there's a felt pad on the bottom and it just sits there on top of the bass horn. It has a 'built-in' corner, two plywood panels screwed on to the rear. The face of the top section is curved as you can see in the photos and there's a wooden grill with a woven plastic bug screen instead of a grill cloth. The mid-horn appears to be original but I think the tweeter bracket is not - from what I understand the very early K-horns were two-way only, no tweeter. Also, I think the crossover is a later addition. I removed the (EV T-350) K-77 tweeter and the (Atlas) K55-V midrange driver but I still have them, I know they are not original but wonder which midrange driver would have been originally used. The face of the basshorn is unfinished plywood, I'm thinking it was overed in fabric originally. If anyone has more information on this early Klipschorn please let me know. If someone is interested in owning this K-horn I am entertaining offers before it's put up for auction, I posted a message on the garage sale section.
  22. An auction ad will soon be posted on eBay for my 1948 Klipschorn but I'd appreciate any input or information that members may have, especially concerning the 'special' finish. I'd like to know if anyone has seen this particular style with built in corner walls (two screwed on plywood panels) and a curved front grill with a 'bug screen' grill cloth. I would have posted more and better images but had no luck. I will email all the photos I took today if anyone is interested. Take a look at the photo of the tag, it was signed 'insp. by PWK 3 November 1948'. If anyone has any idea of the value of this rare item please let me know. Any reasonable offers from members would be considered of course. I am in San Francisco if any locals would like to take a look in person. Thanks very much.
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