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  1. Good to hear. The klipsch SPL-100 I have lacks for music. It's decent for techno music or Dolby atmos demos, but it lack in music and normal movies.
  2. I am very limited on space, especially with how big the svs sounds are, so I have to just do the best I can. I can either put them on both sides of the tv stand, between the stand and main speakers, or one between the stand and left front speaker, and the other a few feet behind the couch on the right side. My living room and floor plan is not symmetrical at all, so I'm trying the best I can. I do plan on getting the Umik-1 and REW. I need to look into that more tho.
  3. I ended up ordering 2 SVS pb2000 pros today. I'm going to return my Klipsch SPL-100. Only costing me $10 to ship back. I statred talking military to SVS and they gave me 5% off for veteran discount, plus you get $100 off ordering dual subs. Great people to talk to and deal with there. After doing the math with tax, 2 of the klipsch spl-120 subs, while on sale, compared to 2 SVS subs I ordered was only $615 dollar difference. $308 more a sub for the SVS, and that was with Klipsch being on sale. They won't be here until the end of the month tho.... on back order.
  4. I am going to attempt to move my ceiling fan this weekend. It will be centered between the 2 front ceiling mounted speakers. I am actually mounting 4 klipsch 500sa speakers upside down with the angle pointing toward the mlp. Doing it this way with moving the fan will get me really close to the 45 degrees Dolby recommends. I'll have to post updates and pictures, and performance when it's all done.
  5. That's a good point on used, but I'm questionable about buying used stuff. Plus I have a limited amount of time to return my spl-100 I have.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry if my questions are dumb. I'm new to this and I don't know anyone personally with a home theater setup. And I can't test anything at local shops cause they are all closed still due to COVID. I am coming from a 15 year old Paradigm 5.1 in a box set up with satellites and 8 inch woofer. The 8inch woofer is almost as good as the klipsch spl-100 I have.
  7. That's what I think also, but is it $800 better?
  8. That's what I've been hearing. Do you think the 500c center is good? I had the r34c and thought it was terrible and returned it and all my reference speakers and got all premiere series speakers. Way better in my opinion. As far as the subwoofers go, the sale ends today on the Klipsch through crutchfield website and the spl-120 is $517 right now. The SVS are $900. I want 2 of each, just cant decide if the price jump is worth it. The klipsch will match aesthetically, and slightly smaller than SVS so it will fit better where I have to put them. However, I know people love SVS, and I can make it work in the same location, it will just stick out 3 more inches. I have seen bad reviews on older Klipsch subwoofer amps, but not much on the SPL line. Are the amps better, same, weak? I know my SPL-100 will set my window alarm off when watching Dolby test videos, or have volume cranked with techno music, but regular movies and music, the bass is lacking. I'm not certain 2 12 inch klipsch and 100 watts more, and 3hz lower will make a huge difference. Sorry for all the rambling, I'm new to most of this stuff and have no way to hear things in person with COVID restrictions.
  9. I've actually been considering mounting the 4 rp500sa's upside down to the ceiling so the are almost like in ceiling speakers without cutting holes in my ceiling. Still utilize the 45degrees front and rear like dolby suggests, and have them flat on the ceiling with the angle pointing toward the mlp. Any thoughts on this? Or should I just mount them as 4 height speakers for atmos use? The fronts will be 8 ft in front of me while the backs only a few feet if I mount them as height speakers.
  10. I'm in a very similar situation myself with almost the same exact angles as you. I have the klipsch rp-500sa speakers and have been wondering the same. I have been thinking of actually mounting the 500sa speakers upside down on the ceiling, as in having the rubber feet on the roof. I have to move my ceiling fan 2ft to get the perfect 45 degrees tho. I don't want to cut 5 holes in my ceiling, 4 for speakers and 1 to move the fan, so I'm considering the 2 fronts up high and the 2 back mounted to the ceiling, or all 4 set up as height speakers for atmos.
  11. Thank you! I figured this would be the best place to get info on my Klipsch products. Glad to be a part of the community now.
  12. Hello everyone. New to home theater and this forum. Im setting up a 5.2.4 theater in my living room. Currently have Yamaha aventage 3080, Klipsch RP-6000F, RP-500C, RP-500M, RP-500SA and one SPL-100. I will say I'm a little OCD and wanted the matching sub, but I am a little unimpressed with the spl-100.. My plan was to use 2 of them, but started reading some not so good things about the Klipsch subs on other forums. I noticed they don't go down very low in hz. Would you all think 2 spl-120s would a great setup vs 2 spl-100 or is it worth spending $800 more for dual SVS pb2000 pros? My floor plan is semi open. Open on one side and half the back is half open to a halfway and other parts of the house.
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