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  1. I have the woofer but it looks beat. The coil is toast and the cone is separated from it. Looking at it from the speaker it looks mint lol.
  2. Man my fingers are worn out from scouring the Internet for that woofer for my chorus ii.
  3. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. I've hit a few dead ends and would like an original stock k48 4 ohm woofer.
  4. I got a good look at it today. The cone is totally separated/torn from the voice coil. I didn't even bother to mention that the tweeter was toast as well.The prior owner was using a Sunfire amp. It has k-48 there is no (e) or (k) after. It seems from reading relevant threads that some have been down this very road before me.
  5. I think you're giving me too much credit about having it tested! Lol. I did a quick grab with my wife in the car and the guys were a little sketchy so I tried to do it quick. It was a local purchase and I told him it didn't work and he said sale as AS IS. He still haS my speakers listed on eBay. Moving on. I really could use a K 48 or substitute that would be adequate. Any suggestions? I'm a little leery about a repair can they actually bring it back to the original spec?
  6. I picked up these chorus ii and I let myself get swindled lol. Beware I wouldn't buy from this seller again. Now all I need is a working woofer k48.
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