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  1. thank you, that thread is good, it reinforced yet another previous idea with the Audiolab
  2. Guys Hi, I started the thread below almost two years ago seeking advice on an amp for heritage models, thought I would start a new thread with updates My quest for a one and done has been anything but and I've cycled through several tube amps at considerable expense, what I've learned.. I don't like tube amps. Several online recommendations from hertiage owners have suggested good experience with the Rogue, however one particular Rogue owner indicated a very high noise floor and went to the Hegel with better results and lower noise floor Open to any other suggestions in the 2k range please
  3. to clarify further, I don't neccesarily wish to spend 5k but can go that high if required and if I go tubes, preferance would be for an el34 unit, the tubey-er sounding the better ( I've read my Psvane EL34PH's will give me that sound hence the purchase)
  4. I find this review very interesting, I'm wondering if one of Naim's dedicated integrated amps would up the ante on performance (dac, streaming and features not withstanding) or is this synergistic magic with with the aformentioned heritage models exclusive to the Atom? Or even as a result of the dac? Truth be told this piece sounds perfect for me as I'm in the market for such an amp, yet I remain a little trepedatious at the price point, in my neck of the woods the nait 5si is half the cost and the xs3 is the same price , both of those amps hold their retail value well and I could unload easily which I don't see happening with the Atom
  5. Hey Everybody, I'm a noob, Canadian, lurking and reading threads for a couple of months now. Great forum you guys have here! I've recently decided to get a pair of current gen heritage models to use in a 2 channel setup, I have a pair of JL Audio Fathoms on standby to use as required with the speakers. My request for the time being though is amplifier related. I'm seeking an integrated amp to synergize with any of the current gen heritage models in my thread title. I can utilize any of those speakers in my setup and I like them all so the priority is finding that holy grail amp I would like to get as close as possible to a one and done amp purchase although I'm open to getting both a solid state and tube amp for a proper comparison I have a matched quad set of still new Psvane EL34PH's on standby duty Budget is 5k range, new or used For all owners of these models, are you using an amp that you would consider a holy grail match?
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