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  1. 8 hours ago, MicroMara said:

    @Full Range  Paul ! I need your help .Want to buy this CD , but it´s an R & UT Compilation . I know they sell their compilations as CD, don´t wanna download it. I´m member at discogs, but even there I can´t buy , any Idea ? Thanx for your help !





    I´ve contacted him once, he told me to write eMail directly for orders. I think the address is mentioned on the UTube channel. If You can´t find it, tell me, I´ll look it up!


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  2. 7 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    @AndreG. yep Paul is known to introduce us all to new to us music that we realize we've missed out on somehow!


    Yngwie? have not heard that in a while. Right after Ozzy put his separate stuff out my friends would argue whether Randy Rhodes (RIP) was better than Malmsteen or not.


    Amen to Paul!

    Haven´t compared Rhodes and Malmsteen yet... I have a few days off around Easter, it´s a wild mix of tunes here.

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  3. IMG_2149.jpg.8fa83da0fed77d3602bc407157bc7e3c.jpg


    Replacement of the piece of veneer in progress. But "adjusting" the color will be a challenge... It will never match, i know, but i hope to come close, at least. 

    This veneer matches the kinds of American Walnut on recent Heritage more than it does the 40+ years old one...

  4. On 5/8/2020 at 2:08 AM, Full Range said:

    Only 4 albums released from the unique  band 

    All amazing as the artists were top notch 


    Enjoy this album 





    Hey FullRange, and another recycled.

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  5. On 5/5/2020 at 1:04 PM, Full Range said:

    Some sweet  Jazz / Fusion tonight 




    Recycled. And this one too. Has 70ies written all over it.

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  6. On 5/1/2020 at 12:29 AM, Full Range said:


    I love that video 👌


    Also love this album based on Scheherazade by Renaissance 




    Recycled. This one goes to my list for future buying. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    I'm kinda likin that Mitch King dude but cd"s?  Ummm nope.  Shiva you ALWAYS seem to pull something out that costs me money!  Still love ya but she's not showing up @ my record store soooo now I'm diggin and mumbling!  Have a Happy Easter my friend.  She's smoooooooth!  I likey!  :)  Yay!  She has one vinyl lp out and it's signed.  Only $295 signed double lp in a gatefold but it's on Blue Note.  Yea, enjoy here but..  $295?  Just say no.  You ALWAYS do this to me!  😂



    Welcome to the Klipsch Forum, please choose your poison.

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  8. 48 minutes ago, RandyH said:

    Wendell Fabrics is the manufacturer of the old grilles klipsch  fabric  - they also sell directly -




    Mailing Address                             

    P.O. Box 128                                   

    Blacksburg, SC  29702                  


    Phone: 864.839.6341       

    email: jlewson@wendellfabrics.com


    Now I´m done! 😄 



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  9. 10 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    @AndreG. Cheers André , I  just enjoy Shinya Fukumori Trio , happy easter to you






    Every now and then a visit to your local library gives lucky but unexpected results. Let´s hope we´ll hear more from that trio! 

    What are You enjoying besides the music there, @MicroMaraGeorge?


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  10. Went veneer shopping this week and this is it, 2 x 2 meters of american walnut. It´s a bit thinner then the stuff used on the cabinets, so I´ll use two layers and sand down to a matching thickness.






    The wood looks more reddish than i really is, will have to get a little "creative" to match the colors as best as possible.

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  11. First one turned out ok, IMO. 

    9 hours ago, RandyH said:

    grilles are not easy to do with this very rigid  polyester  type fabric ,  you wanna do it right , staple the fabric to the maconite board , and cauterise the loose ends with a lighter


    No Randy, no staples, didn´t want them to be seen later. And i didn´t want to buy a stapler just for this. Just glue and clamping, starting with the large areas. The edges I "pre-folded" with clamps and a heat-gun, that made gluing around the edges easier for me afterwards.





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  12. On 3/30/2022 at 8:20 PM, billybob said:

    Your either firin' up or bustin' out: 





    That reminds me, a long time ago, me and my sister on the road, somewhere between El Paso and San Francisco.... 

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