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  1. 4 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    Yea, had to keep up w/Full Range when he broke out all his beautiful solid state gear.  I scratched an itch I'd had since these came out.  Too pricey back in the day.  I had a big Marantz and I was never home enough to truly enjoy it.


    This is the second Mac 4100 receiver I've seen my auctioneer post in the past 2-3 months so I caved.  Got it at a great price but it was on a shelf in some old guy's 3 car garage full of junk.  I also got a Sony cd player and Teac cassette deck as a bonus.  It was powering a pair of old Zenith Allegro box speakers from the 60's or so.  I just laffed and brought it home.  Wiped an inch of dust off and fired it up.  Could push it and leave it alone but I'll drop it off to the Mc tech a couple hours away.  For what I payed it's the least I can do.  Sounds great on my old Heresy right now!  :)


    Yea, this one's on you @Full Range!  ALL your fault. 😂





    This old stuff definitely has a cool factor to it... I´m always torn.... But I guess, in the end it will be a newer Yamaha amp for me, once I have the bucks to spare. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Full Range said:

    Sometimes one needs to go back in time of our youth ( even though we still think we are 21 ) 

    So I will take responsibility for that and also say 

    Happy listening 





    Black is Beautiful or Back in Black?


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  3. Welcome to the Forum!


    Nice LaScalas and no hopeless case, I think. First, it would be useful to have pictures taken of those paper-labels on the back of the cabinets. This makes identifying age and type of wood easier, even more so if we´re talking value. (Keep them!).


     Restoring You have several paths open to You:


    • Leave as is and sell. (Meh)
    • Just sand down and oil and wax or re-stain. This is especially easy if these are un-veneered birch cabinets.
    • Sand and apply a veneer of Your choosing.


    How much work You want to invest is up to You, Can´t say much about value ( I´m from Europe, Heritage stuff is crazy expensive, even run-down stuff...), others will chime in with more knowledge for US values.


    My two cents and good luck!

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  4. 4 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    Do you have spring in Berlin ? We don´t in NRW .

    Occasionally the sun broke through the rain-clouds...  by mistake. 

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  5. Playing the CD which contains this track reminded me of a thought/ poem that is partly mentioned in it:


    "Weißt du wirklich, was das heißt: allein zu sein unter den Sternen, preisgegeben der Unendlichkeit, die dich frieren lässt, sobald sie dein Bewusstsein streift? Wahrscheinlich weißt du es nicht. Die wenigsten haben es erfahren. Es ist das grausamste Glück, das man sich erträumen kann. Einige, die es durchleben mussten, haben dabei das Beten wieder gelernt; andere verloren den Verstand."


    "Do you really know what it means: to be alone under the stars, exposed to the infinity that makes you shiver as soon as it touches your consciousness? You probably don't know. Few have experienced it. It is the cruelest happiness one can dream of. Some who lived through it learned how to pray again; others lost their minds."


    Nikolai von Michalewsky


    I devoured his SciFi books as a boy and i still return to his stories every now and then. The music is from the OST that belongs to the very well made audio books.



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  6. Hmm, this may be something a little bit more "obscure". By Stevie Wonder:




    This one´s really made with disc-changers in mind, thick rims, disc A with sides one and four and disc B with sides two and three. So, order of playing is: Disc A, Side one - Disc B drops down - side two, turn Disc B over - side three, remove disc B, turn over disc one and play side four.

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  7. 10 hours ago, AndreG. said:

    Early Pink Floyd. So far this one´s borderline for me, psychedelic is not my forte...




    So, there are a few tracks that i coud enjoy after all. But the LP has been through a lot... camp fire - But i only paid three bucks for it. 

    After that I playyed my Nectar LP again, I´ve washed a second time, after I filtered the cleaning fluid and got the fine dirt out of it. That one played nice and smoothe. 

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  8. I don´t think it appropriate to give a like to Your post, but i agree to what You write. We can be happy that we have our families, friends, music and so much more...  

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  9. 4 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    I plan to use this tt until the end of my days

    George, let´s say You want to use it for many more years to come. The way You said it, it sounds depressing...

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  10. This reminds me of my childhood days. Growing up in Western Berlin, this was what my parents listened to on the radio, AFN Berlin & RIAS 2. My father liked Motown:



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  11. I´m very worried... It seems DHL misplaced the shipment with the tweeters I had send off to be re-magnetized. Last time movement was tracked was on the 22nd of March. 

    Only found out about this, when I called the shop, since I didn´t receive any messages of my tweeters getting there.

    Have to wait now. 

  12. Something else I noticed when I took out the drivers; I´ve read here somewhere, that it can be beneficial to turn the woofers 180° when putting them back in. If I do that, the connecting cables to the XOs will be too short. 

    I thought about using the the wires that connected the terminals to the XOs and buy new ones to replace them. That way all wires coming from the XOs going to the drivers will be the same (original).

    What AWG are the internal wires? Saw it somewhere, but forgot...

  13. Further progress, painted the motor boards and the backs of the cabinets this weekend:




    The labels suffered a little from the masking tape, but the important print is ok-








    There were some very minor mishaps from painting, a matter of a little sanding. Once that is done, I can start oiling and waxing the wood.


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