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  1. Thanks mate, with my onkyo, the speaker provide really good bass, power but when listenning to symphony such as 1812 overture, I feel the sound become a little mess I guess the reason is when it come to big scene,my onkyo start to losing control, also, its pre-part is not as good as a sperated preamp. My attention is to push my speaker to its limit with my budget, only for stereo, So forget about the onkyo, I guess a pre/amp set ups would be a good solution. I'm looking for a preamp good for symphony with KG5.5 around $500 For power amp , thanks for your advice....
  2. Hello all, I'm pretty new to this forum, just got a pair of KG5.5 from my father as a gift Currently, I have a onkyo TX-SR700 amp...KG5.5 sounds good with it, the amp also provide 5.1 for movie, game, etc But I'm think about push my speaker to its limit under a reasonable budget($300), to provide great stereo performance for symphony My idea is get a preamp, and use my SR700 as power amp first, if it doesn't work, I can buy another power amp. So anyone can suggest a good 2nd hand preamp under $300? Or any surprisingly musical preamp under $500?
  3. My friend got a QSC PLX 3402, it provide 800w for 2 Chan... Will it too strong for my KG5.5?? I guess it will burn my speaker?? Should I looking for a PLX 1XXX?
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