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  1. Let's hope that these hi-end fuses will work as intended in case of over current. Alfredo
  2. Ok, thank you for your comments, I will try first with a subwoofer and than take a decision. Alfredo
  3. Hi, this is my first post here. I have just changed my amplifier from a Cambridge Azur 550 to a Marantz PM-7000N, it was more a lateral move than an update (but I like the sound of my new Marantz), but I did this to simplify my setup putting out the DAC, the pre-phono and the mini PC, indeed now I have an HD and the turntable directly connected to the amplifier. My speakers are a couple of Klipsch RF-52 I bought in 2011 that I would also like to update to improve a little bit the performance especially in the low frequency region. In general I am quite satisfied of the RF-52, so as it is not easy for me to choose a new speaker set, so as I would like to ask if in your opinion I would gain something by substituting them with the RP-6000F (the RP-8000F are a little bit too large for my room and also a little bit outside my budget). Thank you Alfredo
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