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  1. Forum newbie here... I just bought a house right before the 'rona hammer came down. Already had the sub and center and added the floor speakers a while back. We finished off with the surrounds and added a second sub during the Christmas in July sale. Loving it so far. This room is our primary family room, so not exactly a dedicated home theater. A Xbox is our primary 4k player, streaming device and video game console. One concern is that my receiver is a bit under-powered at 100W (Onkyo TX-NR797). Not gonna do anything about it anytime soon, but will keep my eyes open for deals. This room has about a 19' ceiling, so bouncing height sounds was not an option. We instead hung the height speakers about 8' up. We will do something to better hide the wires eventually. And we also want to build a custom stand to go under the TV to match the width and better hide the wires. We wanted some type of speaker stand, but didn't like the price and style of most actual speaker stands. Then we found these plant pedestals at Hobby Lobby. Perfect height and diameter and only about $15 each! Oh, and I'm Mr. Super Lucky with a wife who loves music and movies and the good sound that goes with them, so she is on board with the speaker setup and look of it all, even giving more input on the setup and adjustments than I do.
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