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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree on the need to improve the amp. The Denon was the only unit that would run two zones with separate sources when I bought it. TL
  2. Visited my friend in South Carolina while we were home from college for the weekend in 1978. Al Stewart was playing through some La Scalas, and I was blown away. I had always been into music and had a Kenwood system at the time. It was what I could buy with the money I scraped together during summers, and it was great. But Klipsch and Al Stewart introduced me to a whole new world. It was years before I could purchase my own Klipsch speakers, but I’ve been a loyal owner ever since. I have two systems with four and six speakers, and I still have the Klipsch bug. The biggest problem is that I have a terminal case of upgrade fever. Simply put, I love Klipsch.
  3. I currently own RP 280s and a 12” sub, and am considering moving to Heresey IVs or Forte IIIs. My room is 20 x 30, and I am using a Denon amp. What are your thoughts on the two speakers?
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