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  1. Since my Klipsch R-51PM powered speakers have a built-in DAC and a 100% digital amp, I wanted to keep the signal digital throughout the entire pipeline -- so I figured I'd use the USB output on the Raspberry Pi 4. What I'm trying to ascertain is whether there would be a quality improvement if I used a HAT with Toslink Audio instead of the USB output on the Pi? (my Klipsch have both USB Audio Input and Toslink) FYI: I'm not networked -- just playing music from a USB Thumb Drive using Moode on the RPi 7" screen. I appreciate any wisdom!
  2. I just received (today) a Raspberry Pi 4 and a pair of Klipsch R-51PM Active Powered Speakers to run off my Raspberry Pi 4. The R Pi recognizes the speakers, but no audio will come out of them. When I change where I am in a track of a song, the speakers make a very small static/pop noise, but not audio. I've tried every setting I can think of on the R Pi: Volume Control = Hardware Volume Control = Disabled / 0db DSD over PM = Yes DSD over PM = No I tried hooking up two other powered USB speakers and they work absolutely fine (using Volume = Disabled / DSD over PM = No). Also, taking the advice from other forums, I tried switching the 2.0 USB (that came with the Klipsch speakers) over to R Pi's USB 3.0 ports -- still, I get nothing. I'm going to reach out to Klipsch customer support, but figured I'd first add to this thread. If I find a fix I'll post it here.
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